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Albino group seeks help from government

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A Liberian albino group, United Albino Association (UAA) is calling on the government here to help improve the standard of life of albinos by empowering them to become useful citizens. The group said it is frustrating for government to ignore the plight of albinos in the country while they have the same rights as other Liberians.

It noted that government has created serious disservice for albinos by not providing then an opportunity to partake in developmental activities. Speaking at the First Presbyterian Church in Monrovia over the weekend, the group expressed disappointment in the lack of attention from government.

The president of the United Albino Association, Thant Smith, claimed “We have been marginalized by the Liberia Albino Association; they don’t care about our health; as albinos, we don’t need to be treated like people, who don’t have parents.”

He also noted that the Liberia Albino Association or LAA allegedly received US$50,000 from national government, but the UAA does not benefit from that money.

“It is from our effort that Madam Patricia Looking, who is President of the LAA is always receiving said amount”, Thant said.

According to him, the UAA is no longer part of the Liberia Albino Association, and wants government to come to its aid, stressing, “We the Albino of this country have the right to capacity building, human resource center and other essential things that will help us to become useful in the society.”

Another albino resident in Grand Bassa County Louise Cooper, called on government to establish a center for albino people because “Our living condition is not encouraging as the sun damages our eyes and many of us don’t have the hand to send our children to school.”

Ms Cooper said government has abandoned them because of their complexion, lamenting “We the Albino didn’t make ourselves but rather it is God, who makes everybody.”

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