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ALCOP leader vows to champion cause of justice

All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) Standard Bearer Mr. Lusinee F. Kamara, Sr. says he has accepted his party’s call to run the Liberian presidency to establish a government that can champion the cause of justice, law, and order.

“I am being called upon to test Liberia’s political terrain; a territory that is not strange to us. We rely on your … support as we accept this challenge to lead the effort for positive changes in Liberia,” Mr. Kamara said at ALCOP National Convention in Gbarnga, Bong County on Saturday, 3 December 2022.

“I believe Liberians are not static to remain in one position forever. Disappointment is not hopelessness. As a human society we must develop a vision to change our conditions,” he said. 

The ALCOP standard bearer said Liberia will become great when policies are put in place to help Liberians transform their lives.

He said Liberia will become great when those policies are implemented, right conduct is rewarded, and wrong ones are punished without fear or favor.

In his acceptance speech as ALCOP standard bearer, Mr. Kamara promised to give priority to the rule of law, quality education, security for all, and affordable housing for all.

He also promised a good road and many other development actions, saying Liberia will be a pride again. 

“If we insist on taking the right steps and giving priority to the rule of law, Liberia will become stronger and prosperous once again,” said Mr. Kamara.

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He said he is under no illusion to paint a rosy picture of the problems at hand. 

He noted that there may be setbacks to be overcome when Liberians are steadfast and believe in his objectives. 

“As believers, we know since Adam & Eve came from heaven, the struggle for success is the order,” he argued.

He called on his supporters to be patient, persistent, and tolerant in selling ALCOP’s vision.

“So today, let me say that we have more work to do to get our objectives of taking state power to help every Liberian who needs a job and better living standard; who needs assistance to get out of poverty; for every farmer who needs farm-to-market roads,” said Mr. Kamara.

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