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Allan White tells it all

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-Reveals fresh details on John Auffrey’s murder

Dr. Allan White, a former Executive of the US Department of Defense and former chief investigator for the UN back Special Court for Sierra Leone says there are reports of fresh allegations linking unnamed officials of the George Weah administration to the brutal murder of former US military officer Col. John Auffrey at the Mamba Point Hotel in Monrovia.

Official Liberian Government report at the time say it was a robbery burglary operation which went bad on the night of May 24, 2004, but Dr. White who is backing the establishment of a war and economic tribunal here says it was a murder.

“There has been some good information. And there has also been some good information about the assassination attempt that was made on me back in May of 2004. But I was alerted earlier when I was staying at the Mamba Point, the Mamba Point Hotel in May of 2004,” Dr. White said in an exclusive interview that was aired on several radio stations the night of Thursday May 20, 2021.
“I was contacted and said Doc. you need to get out of there immediately they are coming to kill you tonight,” he said of the room in which Auffrey was murdered.

“So I left and I was able to go to another location that was safe and secured. And fortunately there was a US Department of Defense delegation that was led by a fellow Senior Executive his name is John Auffrey. So since I had vacated that room and that Hotel, they assigned him mine room. And unfortunately late in the night, there was allegation, not allegation because it actually happened. The individuals, they dropped down through the ceilings and stabbed him to death with an 18 inch bend knife,” Dr. White went on.

“And I was contacted the next morning because I was still in country but at another location and they sought to find out whether I was okay. And they were glad to hear that I was okay and I asked why? They said the room that you were staying in that you vacated last night, there was another American who was staying in that room and he was stabbed to death and that was John Auffrey,” he added.

“And unfortunately at that time Gyude Bryant was the Chairman, he did not like our efforts at all over there. And from what I gathered the investigation was swept under the carpet and turned into a robbery burglary that had gone bad. Now this hotline has developed a new information of people in the current administration that were involved in this assassination attempt and killing,” he further narrated. Read excerpts of Dr. White interview on Pages six and 7.

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