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ALP Secretary General wanted

ALP Secretary The National Chairman of the All Liberian Party or ALP, Mr. Theodore Momo, has declared Mr. Justine Zigbuo – a former Secretary General of ALP a wanted man. Mr. Zigbuo left the party unceremoniously after he was allegedly held for misapplication of funds entrusted to him.

According to Mr. Momo, Zigbuo currently has in his possession properties of the ALP, including laptop and furniture. “He left the party unceremoniously, after he was investigated and found guilty for funds given him by the first partisan for Nimba County. Up to now, he has not resigned and the next thing we heard he is with Mr. Alexander Cummings, but he is still wanted by the Party,”Momo said.

Justine Zigbuo – former Secretary General of the All Liberian Party or ALP who left from the Party for his role in the Party loan scheme scandal in Nimba County, appeared to have been making his way to the Cummings camp.

According to information from the Cummings inner-circle, Zigbuo is a cousin to Cummings. Many are of the belief that his past records of misapplying more than one million United States dollars could stain the character of Mr. Alexander Cummings, who many of his supporters see as the only politically blameless presidential aspirant.

Inarguably, Cummings is considered one of the aspirants with financial power. It was reported that the founding leadership of the ALP, which Zigbuo was part, launched a loan scheme across the country that turned out to be fiasco.

According to media reports at the time, the scheme turned into what many described as extorting money from poor citizens through payments for Identification cards for membership into the program from which they did not benefit.

Serving as Gecretary General of the ALP under founding Chairman Emmanuel Lomax, he appeared to at the fore front of the loans in Nimba and other counties, but citizens of those counties complained that the ALP leadership had collected two hundred-fifty Liberian dollars (LD$ 250.00) from them for ID cards which did not materialized. This, according to sources inside the ALP, led to their defeat in elections for the positions for which the contested during the recently held ALP convention in Gbarnga, Bong County.

Sources within high corridors of the ALP also told this paper that Mr. Zigbuo is encouraging his cousin (Cummings) to contest the position of representative, rather than the Presidency which, he

believes, is too much of a dream for him.

Mr. Zigbuo has told reporters that the incident in Nimba and other counties was because of the huge demands by the people for loan, claiming that those who had requested for ID cards were than the money they demanded.

He is the current National Chairman of the ‘Wave of Cummings’. He expressed the belief that Liberia’s next President must be a person that must create entrepreneurs, as well as the atmosphere to attract reputable international investors to Liberia for durable investment.

When Mr. Zigbuo was further contacted via mobile phone, his phone rang endlessly up to press time.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Edited by George Barpeen

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