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ALP seeks prayers from Imam Council

All Liberian Party (ALP) Standard Bearer, businessman Benoni Urey is on his knees, seeking spiritual intervention from the National Imam Council of Liberia to claim victory in next Tuesday’s (October 10, 2017) Presidential and Representative elections.

Mr. Urey has been meeting with members of the Imam Council here headed by Chief Imam Ali Krayee in a two-hour closed door at his Lonestar Cell MTN office in Oldest Congo Town. Briefing reporters on Monday, 2 October after the meeting, the ALP Standard Bearer explains that the National Imam Council had been invited to remember the party in prayers as Liberia goes to elections next week.

The Presidential hopeful says the All Liberian Party is privileged to have members of the Council paying a visit, saying, “We asked them for this visit, and they were kind enough to come and pray with us as we gear towards the elections time.” He stresses that the Imam Council can play a significant a part in the electoral process adding, “We want them to pray for the ALP, including free, fair, and peaceful elections, because too often we forget the importance of election process in our country.”

“These people have played a meaningful role as religious leaders, and we thought to invite them in order for them to pray along with us and the nation to have a peaceful and transparent election that is the purpose of this gathering here today.” Meanwhile, Chief Imam Krayee says they are always available to answering calls from any politician that will invite them. “We are willing to answer to call of anyone, who is willing to work in the interest of Liberia.”

Imam Krayee continues that the ALP standard bearer explains to them some of the good things he has been doing for the Muslims community. “Those who will work in the interest of humanity, it is our prayers for God to bless him, and his household.” He calls on international election observers in the country not to restrict their observation to only peaceful elections, but to observe the results from the polls, stressing that what transpires at the polling center should be followed up at the National Elections Commission to ensure a peaceful election.

Liberians go to the polls on October 10, to elect a new President and members of the House of Representative in what is to produce first peaceful political transition in 73 years.  The ALP standard bearer Urey is among 20 candidates in the race, including one female and five Independent Candidates, vying for the Presidency.

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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