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ALP summer saults on June 07 protest?

The All Liberian Party, United People’s Party, Liberian National Union and 11 other political parties here denounce the pending June 07 protest, but ALP leader Benoni Urey, excepts.

Earlier, four opposition political parties including the Unity Party of former Vice President Joseph Boakai, the Liberty Party of Cllr. Charles Brumskine, the All Liberian Party of businessman Benoni Urey and the Alternative National Congress of former corporate executive Alexander Cummings had pledged support for the protest.The ALP has been one of the main opposition political institutions that have stood with the protest organizing committee, Council of Patriots.

However, in the dire minutes, its former vice standard bearer Alexander Dopoh summersaults, calling for dialogue and roundtable discussion with Government of Liberia, instead.

When contacted via mobile phone, Mr. Urey says Mr. Dopoh has since been expelled from the All Liberian Party, and that his pronouncement is “worthless and useless.”
The 12 political parties in a joint statement read Friday, May 31, in Monrovia , said the planned protest this week will create more harm than good.

Reading the statement signed by chairpersons and vice standard bearers, including Alexander Dopoh, vice standard bearer of ALP, Thomas Q. Harris, of the United People’s Party, Mr. Nathaniel Blama of LINU, and other stalwarts of various political parties, Mr. Aaron Wesseh of the LINU note that Liberia has gone through numerous demonstrations and protects to ensure that political and public policies are transformed to meet the desire of the Liberian people.

He says the Liberian people are living witnesses to their own episodes, including but not limited to, the infamous April 14, 1979 rice riot; the August 22,, 1984 University of Liberia students riot; the sad event of the November 1985 abortive invasion, and the December 24, 1989 rebel invasion of the country, respectively.

“All of these uprisings did not bring to the Liberian people the desired results as was thought. The foundation for the return to peace and the hosting of democratic elections in Liberia was made possible through negotiations and dialogues, including the Accra Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) and the Farmington Declaration which was signed by all registered political parties in the presence of the international community as the new political platform to move Liberia forward,” the statement outlines.

The parties maintain that they are of the conviction that no amount of expressions of anger or acts of violence can charge anything in the political landscape of the country therefore, they insist that dialogue is the best way forward.

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They indicate that let it also be made emphatically clear that this clarion call by the 12 parties that are signatories to this document are no way exhibiting weakness in their political objectives to promoting unity and working to sustain the hard earned fragile peace that politicians and their supporters currently enjoy.

The statement continues that they are a collectivism of the diverse political interests of Liberia that have seized the unique moment to make this clarion call.

“This is a call to all alike to give peace a chance to reign throughout this nation. In our estimation, there is no call greater than the advancement of the motherland. We as a people have a cardinal responsibility to uphold this cherished aspiration. Let this solemn plea resonates through the length and breadth of this nation. In the genuine demonstration for this quest, we need to close ranks, submerge our individual’s interest in the supreme interest of our nation and people.”

According to them, the statement shall reinforce the pledge of allegiance that political parties here have made through their one symbolism to the national flag, the Lone Star.

“In the annals of our history it will be recalled that this was the time when the nation stood at the crossroads. This will be a time of sober reflection when the perplexing question will stimulate the thoughts of all that have gone wrong. Let this candid opinion be accepted as concern for consideration,” the parties stress.

According to them, there are formidable challenges facing the nation, which should serve as an attraction for all patriotic Liberians to amicably converge through collective deliberation for speedy resolution of the issues as may be raised by organizers of the June 07 protest.

“Amidst these and other considerations, we want government and the Council of patriots to submit to a nationally peaceful and honest dialogue beginning now. This modest beginning when operationalized will give relief to our people and avert unfavorable conditions that could undermine the peace and stability of the nation,” they added.
By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor

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