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Alvin Wesseh denies

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The Civil Law Court “B” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia says expelled University of Liberia student advocate Alvin C. Wesseh denied involvement in campus-based demonstrations, terming as “improper,” across-examiner’s question directed at second plaintiff witness student Cliffort A. Forte if student Wesseh “lied to the court.”

The Administration of the University of Liberia expelled student Wesseh at the commencement of the ongoing semester last year, over claims that he was behind series of demonstrations at the state-rununiversity which disrupted normal academic activities after students kicked against plans to increase transport fare, tuition and fees.

Dismissing the counsel’s question Thursday, 18 February directed at witness Forte if expelled student Wesseh lied to the court when he testified earlier that he spearheaded the demonstration, JudgeJohannes Z. Zlahn said the question was wrongly directed, saying student Wesseh denied engaging in demonstrations on UL campuses.

The judge said that testimony was not disproved by witness Forte, telling the cross examiner representing the state university that this witness testified as did Mr. Wesseh that they did not demonstrate on the campuses of UL.

But he said it did not mean that neither Forte nor Mr. Wesseh engaged in or may not engage in demonstration outside the campuses of the university, as he sustained the plaintiff’s objection to thecross-examiner’s question.

Witness Forte had testified that they had no student grouping led by expelled student Wesseh of which he (Cliffort Forte) was a part that demonstrated at the University of Liberia campus. In a follow-up to the witness’ testimony that he did not know of any student grouping led by student Wesseh, the cross-examiner inquired from him if he would be right to say that Mr. Wesseh began taking on a position as a student leader “causing demonstration that led to the interruption or disruption of normal academic activities of the UL is wrong?”

But the court repeated that the witness on the stand and petitioner Alvin Wesseh testified that they did not participate in any demonstration on the campuses of the University of Liberia that disrupted normal academic activities.

As such, the judge sustained the objection against the question, saying the question posed by the counsel, knowing very well the witnesses have repeatedly said they did not partake in demonstrationon the campus was intended merely to waste court’s time and to entrap the witness.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by Jonathan Browne


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