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AME pastor calls for peaceful elections

The senior pastor of the Eliza Tuner Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church Alvin E Attah is admonishing Liberians to remain peaceful during and after the October 10 elections. Rev. Attah urges registered voters to peacefully go out to where they registered and cast their votes on next Tuesday.

Speaking on Sunday, October 1, during regular worship service at the church on Camp Johnson Road, the Liberian prelate stresses that no amount of violence will produce election result, and cautions Liberians that after casting their votes, they must wait until the results are officially announced.

According to A.M.E Church pastor, it will require extraordinary leadership on the part of every citizen, especially those who are partaking in the elections to take the lead in educating their supporters and reminding them that in every competition there is only one winner and that winner must be embrace as Liberia’s next leader.

“We remember the strong women of Liberia who stood under the rain and sun to inspire the peace process by encouraging one another and some
of those same women are in our midst today praying to God for peace to be sustained in this nation”, he expresses Pastor Attah recalls that Muslims and Christians have contributed immensely to the peace and growth of Liberia and that Liberians should not allow themselves to be used by selfish politicians, who do not care about the safely of the people.

He says it is time for electorate to ask politicians what they intend to do for Liberia if they lost the elections. Rev. Attah reiterates it is time Liberians desist from violence despite their political differences and go for peaceful polls.

He stresses that the rebuilding of Liberia depends on its citizens, adding for Liberia to move to the next level, every Liberian needs to play his or her role in the rebuilding process. “Those of us who occupy public office, when we use public resource for our own; for our benefit, we behave like Ahaz and Micah and begin to speak of evil, idolatry, injustice, stealing, dishonesty, violence l but when Hezekiah became king, the nation of Judah began to experience some form of recovery as they gradually regain economic strength”, he concludes.

By Bridgett Milton-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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