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Amend tenure positions

-Women of Gbarpolu

As the debate for electoral reform continues across the country, some leading opinion women in Gbarpolu County, are calling for the reduction in the tenure of the legislative and presidential positions and believe if this is achieve could trigger a holistic development in Liberia.

Speaking to reporters, the Rural Women President of Gbarpolu County, Madam Bendu Jah averred, “We need to reduce the tenure of the president and representatives from six to four years while senators from nine to six years.

Madam Jah claims that experiences have shown that after elections, most elected officials pay less attention to electorates and become “bosses on their own because they have enough time to make up for the next election year”.

Politicians are always fighting to remain in power until their biological children succeed them when they are old or retired, she claimed.

“They feel all is good for them and their children but no one else,” she added.

She believed that if her suggestions are considered, Liberia would experience hasty development in the near future.

She is pleading with lawmakers to work in the interest of their constituents and country to push this recommendation on electoral reform in any referendum in Liberia.

The gender coordinator of Gbarpolu County, Musu Massaquoi is also supporting this reform. She said “the tenure for lawmakers is too long and makes them complacent in power. It makes them feel satisfy and forget about development.”

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It is better for the tenures of president and representatives be reduced to four years, Madam Massaquoi echoed.

“After four years another person can be elected or the same Representative
can also be selected based on their good work”.

Musu said if tenures of elected officials of Government are reduced, they will do all in their power to work for the people they represent.

Like Musu, most of the women of Gbarpolu County including Annie Davis, a teacher at Bopolu Bible Mission High School in Bopolu City are also supporting the alteration in the tenures of president and lawmakers in the country.

The current tenure of the president as provided by Article 50 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia allows the president to be elected and hold office for the term of six years. While Article 45 and 48 also provides that senators be elected for a term of nine years and representatives six years.

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