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American educator speaks on corruption

American educator Dr. Randy L. Nelson has called on Church leaders to remind those under their care about the corruption that comes from wealth.
Dr. Nelson made the assertion recently on the Old Road when he served as keynote speaker during the 10th graduation convocation of the Jake Memorial Baptist College when 11 students obtained Associate of Arts (AA) Degrees in Theology and Christian Education.

Dr. Nelson is the Director of International Education and an Associate Professor at the Sioux Falls University based in the United States of America (USA).He discloses that Church leaders should serve others before self, noting that Jesus Christ instructs “us” to wash others’ feet.

He emphasizes that there is much greatness within the Liberian people and culture, indicating that if that greatness becomes thoroughly interwoven with critical Christian principles, God will see and respond.Dr. Nelson encourages graduates of the college to do good in absolute secrecy based on Jesus’ instruction to man.

The guest speaker emphasizes that suffering teaches Christians important lessons, saying they learn humility and compassion that bring human closer to God.According to the US professor, it is critically important to love the unlovable as Jesus instructs humans to love all without exception.By Emmanuel Mondaye
–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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