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AMEU examiner dragged to jail for rape

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) entrance examiner, Tony Fasasi, who was accused of raping a prospective student has been sentenced to jail days following his suspension.

Fasasi admitted having sexual intercourse with an 18 years old entrance candidate at the university campus on Camp Johnson Road, according to police charge sheet.

He told the police in an investigation that he and the victim had sex but denied forcing her as reported by the victim’s parents.

A police charge sheet in the possession of this paper established that there was an extreme usage of force by the defendant against the victim while in the process.

The charge sheet further established that both the defendant and the victim did not know each other prior to the entrance, and the defendant did not approach the victim of love.

It was established that the victim and her new friend Sharon were the last candidates to leave the entrance ground of the university following the examination.

A medical report of the victim obtained from the Duport road (one-stop center) confirmed that forcible penetration had occurred.

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According to the police on March 9, 2022, the victim’s father, Patrick Yattoh, reported at the Women and Children Protection Section of the Liberian National Police that his daughter was sexually abused by the Director of entrance at AMEU.

Mr. Yattoh averred that on March 4, he registered his daughter for the AME University entrance and she was scheduled to sit the entrance on March 8, 2022.

He further narrated that on March 8, his daughter went on campus to take the entrance. At late evening hours, his daughter’s mother called to inform him that something had happened to her.

During an interview with the victim at the police headquarters, she narrated writing the entrance and failing along with a friend who walked with her to the office entrance Director Fasasi.

The victim further explained that the defendant told them that they failed the two subjects because they did not complete some of the questions administered during the entrance.

However, she said they pleaded with him and he gave them thirty minutes to complete the questions.

The victim explained that after 30 minutes, defendant Fasasi called them in his office and said that her friend passed but she failed. She said as they were about to leave his office, he told her to wait for a piece of information he wanted to pass on to her so she waited, while her friend got out of his office.

She further narrated that when she left his office, he told her that he wanted to establish a bond with her. But she told him that she didn’t understand what he meant. There he further explain that meant to have sex and she told him no.

She concluded that while she was trying to get out of his office, he locked his door, overpower her and took out her clothes and sexually abused her by inserting his penis inside her vagina when he finished he opened the door and she came out.

“In view of the fact and circumstances gather during this investigation, the investigators resolve and charged defendant Fasasi with the commissioned of the crime Rape in violation of chapter 14, subchapter D section 14.70 of the New Rape Law of Liberia,” the police charge sheet revealed.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/ame-university-suspends-employee-over-rape-allegation/

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