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AMEU signs MoU with Heritage University in Ghana 

Monrovia, April 29, 2024: The Administration of African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Heritage Christian University College (HCUC) in Ghana. Both parties commit to working together to promote areas of shared interest. 

The MoU encourages cooperation, among other things, through support for curricula development, joint faculty and staff exchanges, faculty development, student exchange programs, professional development for staff and students, and other scholarly activities as may be deemed necessary by both institutions.

Speaking at the signing of the MoU, AME University’s president, Alvin E. Attah, recounted the horrifying effects of the long years of civil war on the education system in Liberia. 

“The Liberian education system is challenged. We had civil wars between 1989 and [2003]. During that period, some of our best educators left the country, some of whom have returned, others have or did not,” he recalled.

The AMEU president disclosed that, as a result, the country experienced a brain drain, leaving the system with little or no alternative but to start from zero as experienced professors were either few or absent.

“What we have done and will continue to do as a university is to leverage on the opportunities that exist to establish sisterly relationships with universities across the continent of Africa and other parts of the world,” he said.

He continued that the partnership would go a long way in AME University’s quest to build the capacity of students and faculty members adequately.

Also speaking, the Vice President & Provost of Heritage Christian University College, Prof. William Atuilik, indicated that the two institutions have a lot in common, specifically referring to the institution’s core values.

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“Just like you, we thought that to pursue excellence, we should reach out to sisterly institutions on the continent to collaborate, hold hands, and travel the journey,” said Prof. Atuilik.

The HCUC Provost disclosed that he was particularly excited when the AMEU President paid a short visit to HCUC to further his desire to ensure the relationship was established sooner rather than later. 

According to the HCUC Provost, that singular action was an indication of AME University’s commitment to the MOU signed, and he therefore had no doubt it would have been signed.

For his part, Dr. Timothy Kie, Vice President for Academic Affairs at AMEU, thanked HCUC for the reception the AMEU delegation received.

He noted that it signifies how prepared and upbeat the host university was in signing the MoU.

The AMEU’s Vice President for Academic Affairs wondered why Western and Asian Universities were forming partnerships with their African counterparts and why Africans could not do the same with one another. 

“What do these Western and Asian Universities see that they are forming partnerships with African Universities that we, African Universities, do not see,” he asked rhetorically. 

The agreement, as signed, will, among other things, see the exchange of students and faculty, mentorship opportunities, joint research and service activities, sharing and facilitation of entrepreneurial opportunities, faculty development opportunities, and exchange of scholarly materials. 

Rev. Dr. Alvin E. Attah and Dr. Timothy Kie signed on behalf of AME University, while Dr. Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah and Prof. Williams Atuilik did the same for the Heritage Christian University College.—Press release

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