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AMSSO dedicates 80,000 members to fight Ebola

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The interim leadership of the Association of the Masses in Support of a Stable Society or AMSSO, has availed its 80,000 strong members across the country to the national Ebola task force to assist in the dissemination and distribution of Ebola prevention messages and materials.

According to a press release issued in Monrovia on Monday, the interim leadership, which was constituted over the weekend, noted that with the cumulative deaths across the country, coupled with threats being posed by the deadly disease, AMSSO is obliged to join the national efforts launched by the government to quell the rapid spread of the pandemic.

AMSSO interim chairman, Maimafolu Moore, said the organization has begun mobilizing its chapters and members across the country to carry out the exercise on a voluntary basis.

Meanwhile, the eight-man interim leadership with a six-month mandate to review the existing bylaws and constitution and hold general elections is calling on AMSSO members and the public to direct all concerns to the new leadership which replaces the Vincent Smith administration.

Those elected alongside Mr. Moore include J. Jenkins Kla-Yancy, Co-Chairman; Alvin E. Maxima, Secretary General; Herodotus, B. Gray, Financial Officer, Anderson Showell, Public Relations Officer, and Dadee Wogbeh and Wayfa Raynes, youth and women’s wing chairpersons, respectively.

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