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ANC backs off

-Weah step down campaign unconstitutional

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) appears to be taking a different approach from what is fast becoming a new normal here-protest.The party in a statement issued over the weekend described the pending December 30, 2019 “Weah Step Down” campaign as unconstitutional, adding that it will not endorse and support such a move.

While acknowledge that it is the right of every citizens to peacefully protest and express their grievances to government for redress, the ANC said the “Weah Step Down” protest, intended to use mass pressure for the sole purpose of effecting regime change and seeking the removal of a constitutionally elected president, is unconstitutional, undemocratic, and repugnant to Liberia’s desire for sustainable peace and democracy through competitive electoral politics.

The ANC further noted that if this call for mass protest to effect a regime change was wrong then with “the Ellen Step Down Campaign and it is wrong now”.

The party said it is aware that the current economic hardship, massive unemployment, open theft of public resources by government officials, abuse of state power and the destruction of Liberia’s economy by the incompetent Weah’s administration are necessary and sufficient reasons for peaceful mass protest.

The party expressed further concern about the fast declining state of the country, and agrees that Liberians have legitimate reasons to protest and demand reform in governance, but to call for the unconstitutional removal of a government is wrong.The ANC said it supported the June 7TH protest and will support any peaceful protest that demands economic and political reforms.

“We will support any effort that will rouse the hopes of Liberians, and mobilize the collective outrage of our people to demand better paying jobs, schools and clinics, asset declaration by the president, reduction in official salary, better living conditions, action against corruption, accountability and responsiveness.

The ANC, however, re-emphasized its commitment to the CPP and said it will continue to work with the CPP and other democratic forces in protecting the rights of the Liberian people.

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