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ANC damns Brumskine

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe National Chairman of the Alternative National Congress has termed Liberty Party Standard Bearer Cllr. Charles Brumskine’s recent verbal attacks against Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai of the ruling Unity Party as “unfortunate for the opposition bloc.”

Chairman Orashell Gould said while it was true Vice President Boakai is a candidate for the presidency in the impending elections, but the Office of the Vice President should be respected at all times.

Speaking to the NewDawnon Sunday, March 26, along the Robertsfield highway outside Monrovia, Gould intimated that the Office of the Vice Presidency is a sacred, honorable place, and second highest office within the Republic, noting that individual, who occupies said position, should be treated with dignity despite political difference.

Chairman Gould said the damming statement of the Liberty Party strongman is a minus to the entire opposition bloc, saying such unkind attribution should have been watered down before being uttered especially, from a man like Brumskine, who many respect.

He cautioned that careful utterances during the electoral period would help to maintain peace, stability as well as enable politicians and voters to live within the conferment of civil engagement. 

Counselor Brumskine recently launched a stinking attack on Vice President Boakai, accusing the Vice President of spreading rumor that the Liberty Party was receiving support from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the October elections.

“I have heard this for a while from other presidential candidates and their surrogates and even surrogates of the Vice President, but had decided not to respond, knowing that it is designed to distract [me] from the important issue of who is most prepared to lead our country. But because such nonsense has been reiterated by a presidential candidate, who is the sitting Vice President of the country, I now feel constrained to respond”, Brumskine began his comments, which went into the VP’s Office and criticized him for being allotted huge budget that does not benefit the people.

He claimed that for the 2017/2018 fiscal year, the government has proposed to give the office of VP Boakai US$2,394,287; while for the current fiscal year 2016-2017, the government gave VP Boakai office US$2, 193759, and fiscal year 2015-2016, the government gave the VP office US$2,313,094, respectively. 

Brumskine continued that VP Boakai allegedly received US$1,828,091 in 2014-2015, while Ebola was raging and killing people in Lofa; and that the VP has over the last three years received in total US$8,729,231. 

He further alleged that VP Boakai received nearly US$9 million from the 2014 fiscal budget, while the total spending on health institutions in his (Boakai’s) native Lofa County for the same three year period was only US$3,406,881. But in reaction, Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai described the LP standard bearer as a “big liar.” 

Vice President Boakai said the Liberty Party leader’s assertion is totally misrepresentation of the facts. Speaking to this paper on the campus of the Garretson W. Gibson High School in Monrovia on Sunday, March 19, the Vice President said Cllr. Brumskine, being someone, who wants state power should practice to tell the truth always.

 “It is good for someone who wants state power to practice true telling and I advise that he desists from misrepresentation of the facts. It does show any value to the young people,” said VP Boakai, who is equally aspiring to become the next President of Liberia after Madam Sirleaf. 

On the question of the reported US$9 million allocated in the national budget for the past years for his office, he said the national budget is a public document that anyone could read. Vice President Boakai challenged Liberians to read the budget and make their judgment about it, stressing that it is the moral responsibility of the Liberty Party strongman to tell the truth.

 Meanwhile, Chairman Gould has disclosed that the ANC will this Thursday, 30 March hold primary to elect its standard bearer for the presidency and candidates vying for representative seats, respectively.

He said the party will host about 580 delegates from all 15 political sub-divisions to decide fate of its political leader and ex-corporate executive, Alexander Cummings.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbo-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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