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ANC denounces Nimba CPP primary results

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The Alternative National Congress (ANC)says it does not recognize the results of the Collaborating Political Parties CPP Nimba County primary held on yesterday, September 6, 2020.

The party says the decision is based on the fact that its candidate, Mr. TaaWongbe was maliciously and abruptly prevented from participating by supporters of Madam Edith Gongloe with the eruption of violence, led and orchestrated by the All Liberian Party (ALP), a member of the CPP.

The ANC notes further that the unfortunate situation was preceded by series of blatant violations of the process, which when ultimately failed to frustrate Taa, led to premeditated attacks on him, and ANC’s delegates and officials.
The statement signed by ANC’s chairman Sen. Daniel Naatehn alleges that the refusal of Madam Gongloe’s team to allow ANC’s candidate to enter the stage was avoidable and should not have happened.

It eplains that also notable is that while Taa attended to his injured partisans, an inconspicuous regrouping of the other parties without notice to our candidate took place to announce LP’s candidate, Edith GongloeWeh as the CPP’s candidate.

Thus the ANC opines that it will not support the outcome of any process it was prevented from being a part of as a member of the CPP. We also want to highlight the issue of primary results circulated on social media by other constituent parties’ members from a process which the ANC’s candidate and delegates were not part.

“Moreover, the numbers are not reflective of the facts. Each party had 45 delegates, which gave us a total of 180 delegates.

In the absence of ANC’s 45 delegates, the other 3 parties equal 135 delegates. As such, it is nearly impossible for 134 out of their 135 to regroup in under an hour after such intense violence, to conduct a process where Taa is said to have gotten six (6) votes.

Who are the six (6) persons voting for Taa Wongbe when ANC delegates did not return for fear of their lives and were not present? This is clearly the outcome of a kangaroo process which must be addressed in accordance with our collaboration and electoral laws.

As such, the CPP has no candidate for Nimba County until these issues are addressed. We are deeply disappointed by these happenings as they do not reflect the values and ideals of the ANC. When we joined the CPP, we believed it was an honest attempt by all four (4) parties to consolidate the opposition bloc and provide alternative leadership to the Liberian people.

While we remain a part of the CPP, we call on our colleagues to ensure that the sanctity of this collaboration and the interest of the Liberian people remain paramount,” the ANC concluded.

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