Angie Brooks Centre donates anti Ebola materials

The Angie Brooks International Centre for Women and Child Protection in collaboration with the Liberia Crusaders for Peace, the Liberia Market Association, the Monrovia City Cooperation, the Paynesville Cooperation, the Sirleaf Market Women Fund sponsored by the Urgent Action Fund Africa, has embarked on several projects for marketers in Liberia.

The Angie Brooks International Center on Tuesday donated anti Ebola materials to the Liberia Broadcasting System or LBS Market in Paynesville. The Centre donated 8 cartoons of clora, 25 yard brooms, 5 tide soap, 5 buckets, 3 barrels, 41 pieces of towels, 5 wheel barrows, 5 shovels, 5 pairs of hand gloves, 5 face mask, and 5 ricks along with 1 power washer.

The project manager for the centre, Levi H. Martin, said that the power washer was donated by the Sirleaf Women Fund as their contribution to the project and it will be used for the four markets: ELWA, LBS, Nancy Doe, and the Duport road markets, respectively.

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Mr. Martin noted that there has been no case among the market women since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus. He also cautions that Ebola has not been eradicated from Liberia so marketers should use the materials to help kick Ebola out of here.

Speaking on behalf of the market women, the Superintendent of the Paynesville City Corporation, Madam Kebbeh Harris, vowed to work with the tools to clean the market. She said that the power will be used every first Saturday to clean the market grounds and tables.

Superintendent Harris also said every first Saturday; any market woman that will refuse to help clean the market or anyone of them that she will find dirt all around their table, that person will be dealt with seriously.

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