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Angry Cow Storms Doe Community

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Residents of the Samuel K. Doe Community on the Bushrod Island, outside Monrovia early Saturday, got into an amazing drama with a full grown Malian bull or cow attacking and wounding at least one person.

The cow is reported to have escaped the slaughter blade at the “Cow Factory Butcher House” on the Somalia Drive.

The five-year old angry cow broke loose and angrily stormed the community last weekend, leaving 15 year old Joseph Tarfor’s with broken hand. Other properties of residents of the community were also destroyed by the wild cow while trying to find an escape route.

According to one of the shepherds who only referred to himself as Yellow, the Malian Cow was a very stubborn cow, at the rear in a slaughter line among an unspecified number of cows for the Christmas celebrations, but sought escape route when it was its time to be killed.

The angry-looking cow defiantly ran from the Cow Factory Community, through the Doe Community, but stopped in the swamps of Doe Community where it met the Mesurado River which prevented it from advancing.

Several young and adult community dwellers who went after the cow with sticks and other objects could dare get closer.

The cow was subdued when some Fulani shepherds from Cow Factory Slaughter House, later accompanied by police officers arrived at the scene and applied some hunting skills.

As the Fulani shepherds and community dwellers struggled to return the stubborn cow to the slaughter house, the victim, Joseph Tarfor continued to painfully weep at his mother’s residence over his broken hand.

The shepherds admitted giving five hundred Liberian Dollars to the victim’s mother to begin his treatment.  They could not confirm that the boy’s hand was broken.

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