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Annur University President accuses Muslims Council of undermining

Mr. Osman Kamara, President of the Annur University of Liberia
The President of Annur University, first and newly constructed Islamic University in Liberia, Mr. Osman Kamara has accursed the National Muslims Council of Liberia of undermining its smooth operation.
Annur, meaning “light” in Arabic, is a faith-based institution, but welcomes students from any background or religious belief.

The curriculum of Annur University covers four academic fields, including Science, Liberal Arts, Business and Arabic Language Studies.

Its strategic goals are to provide excellence in education, research and distinctiveness in innovation.
Addressing a news conference in Monrovia, Mr. Kamara said he personally spent his own resources to recondition the building, which was once hosting the headquarters of the National Muslims Council on the Old Road in Sinkor.

According to him, the National Muslims Council and the Annur University reached a Memorandum of Understanding to use the building but the Council, through one Sheik Ouman Kamara and Akibu Sheriff is preventing him from entering the premises in violation of the Memorandum of Understanding.

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Mr. Kamara, once a lecturer at the University of Liberia, threatens to take legal action against the National Muslims Council of Liberia if they continue to undermine the operation of the Annur University.

Annur, in Arabic means “the light verse,” or “the parable of light,” a mystical group of lines that have been the subject of much scholarship and reflection that “Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth.”
When this writer contacted Sheik Ouman Kamara and Akibu Sheriff, they both refused to comment because, according to them, the matter is in court.

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