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Anti-rape group calls for more citizens’ pressure on Legislature

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Anti- rape organization Brighter Future Foundation for Children (BFFC), is calling for more citizens’ pressure to be push on the 54th National Legislature of Liberia if child’s rape must stop in the country.

Speaking to reporters on 25 August at the beginning of a mass protest against rape in Monrovia, the Executive Director of the organization Mr. Eastman Josiah Sackee, disclosed that much more increased pressure is needed to ensure that the Legislature acts on the recommendations made by Liberian protesters.

According to him, there can be changes iflawmakers concord on the citizens’ rape petition which he believes seeks to eradicate rape from the country.

Mr. Sackee wonders what is the future of those babies and girls abused in the wake of the country’s underdevelopment without safe homes for victims. He calls on the Legislature to wake up to the true reality of the prevailing wide-spread and rampant rape of innocent Liberians.

He wants more drastic action taken against people involved in killing babies before their 1st birthday, lamenting that some of those heartless individuals are allowed to go with impunity by some parents.

Mr. Sackee blames some of the Liberian parents for being careless in protecting victims from perpetrators whose true intent is to kill these babies.

“Liberians should be mindful of the kind of society that we are living in today. There are very wicked people rooming around our communities to destroy the future of those human beings, particularly babies that the country depends [on],” he notes.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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