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Are There Any Would-Have-Been Better-Than-Ellen Politicians Out There? — Part 2

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We commenced this discussion a few days ago, and we wish to continue it in this current article. The first post-war elections were held in 2005. The National Elections Commission declared Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf the winner. Another election seeing crowded field was held in 2011. The National Elections Commission again announced Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf the winner.

Of course, because of the hardship majority of the citizens are experiencing, there certainly has been and is going to be a lot of anger, frustration, disappointment and regret. In view of this reality, some are apt to present themselves as people who would have done better than Madam Sirleaf, saying it with confidence as if they were not the same Liberian politicians we see around here. We would like to know the would-have-been-better-than-Ellen politicians out there.

As we indicated in the previous article, it is an open secret that the government of President Sirleaf is corrupt — really corrupt. But which of the other political parties or politicians we see around here would have given the Liberian people a corrupt-free government? Knowing who our politicians are, they all would have behaved the same, if not even worse. Could the would-have-been-better-than-Ellen please stand?

Which politician or political party would have given us a corrupt-free administration? Is it not a fact that almost all of these political parties have members in the National Legislature? Are they all formulating or passing laws that will frustrate the occurrence of corruption, or are they talking about enriching themselves and their families? Are they passing concession agreements that are in the interest of the people, and not in their own interest?

Has not a member of the very Legislature indicated that his colleagues have signed agreements that are anti-people, citing the Sime Darby Agreement? Has not former Auditor-General John Morlu indicated that legislators from the Congress for Democratic Change signed concession agreements that benefitted those lawmakers?

Has not President Sirleaf herself revealed that the members of the Legislature, legislators representing various political parties, are self-seeking group of people? Which are the political parties that would have given the Liberian people a corrupt-free or nearly-corrupt-free government? Who are the would-have-been-better-than-Ellen politicians out there?

As we also mentioned, on the issue of nepotism and cronyism, we are aware that it is happening in this government. But which of the candidates would not have practiced it? Which would not have brought his relatives and friends based on these relationships? Do they expect us to believe them when they say that they would have been better than the President? Who are really the would-have-been-better-than-Ellen politicians out there?

On the issue of the terrible road conditions the nation is experiencing, we wonder whether any other Liberian politician would have been able to fix all the roads that are currently in deplorable conditions. Would they have completed the Monrovia-Gbarnga High Way, the Buchanan-Rivercess Road, the Ganta-Zwedru Road, etc? Would they have improved all of the terrible roads in Sinkor? Who are really those considering themselves would-have-been-better-than-Ellen politicians out there?

It is said that there is too much travelling by government officials, including President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf herself. Some have described as foreign trip jamboree. In the process, millions of dollars of the country’s money is spent. The question is this. Which of the other politicians would not have practiced this? Who are really the would-have-been-better-than-Ellen candidates and politicians out there?

Also, according to information, gas slips and scratch cards are being misused by the officials of this government. Which of the other politicians would have given us an administration that would have been fair and responsible in the use of gas slips and scratch cards? We really would like to see all the would-have-been-better-than-Ellen politicians in this country called Liberia.

It is reported that officials of this government are seeking their own interests and the interests of one another. The citizens are forgotten about in the process. Would this not have also happened if any of the other candidates had won? Would they have been the most people-oriented administration ever? Who are the would-have-been-better-than-Ellen politicians out there?

Certain people working in this government – the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government – are untouchables; they are protected. They can say anything and do anything to anybody and go scot-free. No one can do them anything. It happened under the Doe government; it happened under the Taylor government, and it is happening under this government. But can any of the other political parties bravely say that they would have given us a government better than the one Ellen has given us?

We know that, considering the high cost of living, the salary paid civil servants is peanuts. Transportation cost is unbearable. Prices of food continue to skyrocket. Tuition and fees of private schools are killing the citizens. Going to hospital, including public hospital, is now an unbearable undertaking. Everything is hard – is expensive, too. We know all this to be a huge burden on civil servants. And, so, when one considers how much they are paid, it is not hard to determine that “peanutness” of their salary and the hardship they are going through. Frankly, it is reasonable to say that President is not doing much to help civil servants. In this light, we ask. Which of the other candidates or politicians would have been able to pay civil servants $300 or $500 per month if they had won? Could anyone really point out the would-have-been-better-than-Ellen politicians out there?

Permit us to repeat the million-dollar question, which is whether all the presidential candidates that participated in the 2011 elections would have done a better job than President Sirleaf is doing. We also wonder whether those causing noise now would be any different if they were the president, or they are doing so because they reason it provides them an opportunity to cause noise and project themselves as the right people. Who are really the would-have-been-better-than-Ellen politicians out there?

To be continued…
Believe me, my people. We will never stop following the issues.

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