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Aries & Ask Sisters thru to LKF Grand Final

The national championship of the Liberia Kickball Federation has reached its grand final with Girls of Aries and Ask Sisters qualifying for the final in Monrovia. the grand final will be this Sunday, 9 July at the Right to Play Field in Paynesville where Aries will meet Ask Sisters to decide the champion of the season.

Ask Sisters defeated Supreme Girls 5-2 on Sunday, 2 July to get themselves into the final. Girls of Aries are well on course to retaining the Liberia Kickball Federation National Championship since they last lost it to Amazon two seasons ago.

Aries are making a return to the LKF this season, having defeated God’s Anointed 6-1 to move a match away from lifting the title. Assata Kamara of Aries made 3-home-runs in the first, second, and third innings to inspire them win a match fans thought could have been difficult.

Suffering from Saturday’s shocking defeat to Ask Sisters, God’s Anointed allowed Aries to depict the game in the third innings scoring four home-runs. It was the result that put God’s Anointed out of the title race.

Poor showing and numerous errors from players of Supreme Girls gave Ask Sisters the chance to win Supreme Girls who many thought could have won the title this season.
Patricia Sieh’s miss of a catch in the first innings saw Ask Sisters bringing home three home-runs.

Ceeta Sarvic, Susan Harris and Hawa Armah all failed to make home-runs in their first innings for Supreme Girls which gave a motivation to Ask Sisters in their third innings.
Ask Sisters scored additional two home-runs in the third innings when Ceeta Sarvice missed catch an easy ball. Ask Sisters defended well and ensured that they were in the final, where they will face Aries.

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