Armed Robbers Strike Watch Tower Community

The Watch Tower Community in Paynesville has become the latest target for armed robbers in their wave of terrorism.

They recently broke into homes with guns and machetes, making away several valuables, including wedding bands,7 mobile phones, 2 laptop computers and 2 sets of gold chains worth USD$1,400.00.

Other than torturing their victims, the armed robbers also took away 1 digital camera, 2 DVD players and 2 hand bags containing both Liberian and US dollars. Morris Jardiah, a tenant in one of the affected houses told this paper that the robbers entered their home about 2:00 am on Sunday.

“They broke into the house and beat on Melline Yah Jallah and her son with cutlasses. They were 5 in numbers, 2 were armed with rifles and 3 had cutlasses,” Jardiah explained.

He stated further that many residents woke as a result of the alarm blown by others. Upon the arrival of the police, the robbers got away.

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