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Arsenal Liberia Fan Club get’s official banner

English Premier League Club Arsenal’s fan club in Liberia has received the team’s official banner during a colorful event here on Saturday,15 April. The banner will be used in Liberia as a means of identifying with the European club. The banner, made in London, was brought into the country by an official of the legendary club’s many partners, Trevor Cockings of HIS CHURCH, which collaborates with Arsenal to provide logistics and other important sporting materials to fan club.

Mr. Cockings says the initiative is meant to make fans in Liberia fee a part of the club in spite of the long distance. “I’m happy to be in Liberia today at such a great occasion. We all are proud to be supporters of our great club and I see the enthusiasm in all of us here that we hold Arsenal dearly to our hearts,” he says.

Speaking to reporters over the weekend at the unveiling program held on Broad and Johnson Streets in Monrovia, Ian Yhap, president of the Arsenal Liberia Fan Club, said Saturday’s gathering was intended to officially present the London club’s banner to fans in Liberia.

Mr. Yhap says the occasion also signified that Liberian fans are now legitimate supporters of the London – based club. The banner, which was presented and unveiled by Rev. Trevor Cockings, was celebrated by fans.

“I wrote Arsenal about five to six years ago, asking the authority to establish Arsenal Fan Club in Liberia; and they first replied that they were not interested. But I kept pressing and after a couple of years, they finally agreed and sent me the rules and procedure for it,” he says.

By Lewis S. The-Editing by Winston W. Parley

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