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Aspirant pays rental for Bo Statutory District

After several years of indebtedness both in salary arrears and office rent, totaling several thousand Liberian Dollars, Bo Statutory District in Margibi County has received relief after an intervention by a legislative aspirant.

Aspirant Ivar K. Jones, who is vying for Margibi District#2, has provided 240,000 Liberian Dollars to the district to settle its debts. Ivar is a contender to incumbent Representative Ballah Zayzay in the October elections.

Bo Statutory District, comprised of three electoral districts, including district #:1 headed by Rep. Roland Opee Cooper, district # 2 led by Rep. Ballah G. Zayzay, and district#3 led by Rep. Stephen S. Kafi, was at the verge of being thrown out by landlord, according to District Superintendent Bestus David.Aspirant Jones made the gesture on Monday, 10 July in Smell No Taste at the office of the district.

Making the donation, he says the initiative was geared at rescuing Bo from disgrace as the district was at the verge of being shut down due to indebtedness.According to the aspirant, he believes in former American President John F. Kennedy’s philosophy that says “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”
He says in line with his vision for transformation and empowerment, he went to the cry of the district, noting that his help to the office should not be seen as political, rather it’s a way of making positive impact in the lives of citizens, who are also working in the office.

He recalls that a communication he received from the office shows that it was indebted for two years to its landlord and employees there had not received stipend for some time.Receiving the money on behalf of the office, Bo Statutory District Superintendent Bestus David describes the donation as first of its kind and calls on others to go and make their impact felt instead of politicizing the gesture. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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