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Aspirant slam’s Rep. Barclay

A representative aspirant for Fuamah District, Bong County has attributed the lack of development in the district to bad governance and poor leadership, specifically blaming incumbent Representative Korpo Barclay.

Mr. Fahnlon B. Gbakoyah, who contested in the district in 2011 and lost to Rep. Barclay, among a total of 14 candidates, noted that the incumbent lawmaker has failed to listen to the people she represents, which is responsible for the lack of development in Fuamah.

He catalogued lack of good roads, educational facilities and health care delivery and subsides from government as some of the major problems facing the district. He said as a result of this, many people were not willing to leave from urban areas to go to the district to offer their services to the people.

Speaking to reporters recently in Yarbayah Clan, Fuamah District, the representative aspirant claims the district contributes US$1.75 million annually as social development fund from China Union Concession Agreement with government, but benefits very little of this amount.

According to him, Representative Barclay has been unable to decide how much of the amount goes to the district, sensing that she is not a good leader. He lamented that over past time, other lawmakers from the county have decided what goes to the district for social development.

“Basically, Hon. Barclay has outlived her usefulness as a lawmaker for our district and she needs to honorably resign or let go the process so that other young and talented people can be able to take on and help the district move forward.” Mr. Gbakoyah said through his advocacy, the district has benefited school, clinic and other services, boasting that people will not have to ask him what he has done and where he is coming from because his actions are visible in the district.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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