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Aspirant wants prison facility in Grand Kru

Grand Kru County representative aspirant Chris Teah, is calling on government through the Ministry of Justice to construct a prison facility in the county to enhance the criminal justice system there.

He says this will improve the operation of the 12th Judicial Circuit Court in Grand Kru County. Speaking to this paper in an interview recently in Monrovia, Mr. Teah, who is vying for electoral district one seat in the county, notes that since the creation of the Grand Kru 33 years ago, the 12th Judicial Circuit Court has been transferring inmates to Harper City, Marayland County due to the lack of prison facility.

He explains that on many occasions, prisoners being transferred to the Harper Central Prison escaped on the highway to Maryland. The Grand Kru legislative aspirant continues that on several occasions inmates from the county have been rehected due to congestion at the Harper prison.

He stresses that Grand Kru is one of the political sub-divisions of Liberia, so the county deserves every other facility that all other counties in the country are benefitting from.

Meanwhile, Mr. Teah has also named number of issues that need to be seriously addressed, including access to quality education, improved health facilities and maintenance of farm-to-market roads for the rapid development of the county.

He says if these, among others are given sober attention, living condition of the people of will no doubt, improve.He laments that since Grand Kru County was created in 1984, its citizens have been deprived of basic social services as though they are not part of Liberia.

The aspirant is vying for the district one seat on the ticket of the United People’s Party or UPP. The party is credited as the torchbearer of multiparty democracy here after its founding father, the late Gabriel Baccus Matthews, in the late 70s challenged the grand old True Whig Party (TWP) which held the helm of power for nearly 40 years until it was toppled in a military coup on April 12, 1980.

By John Bropleh from Grand Kru County-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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