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Associates acting unknown to Weah?

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia
Maryland Country Senator H. Dan Morais is suggesting that President George Manneh Weah’s associates are making it very difficult for the president to take decisions, claiming that the president is not aware of some of the appointment being made.

Speaking on a live radio talk show in Monrovia Monday, 9 April, Senator Morais noted that President Weah allegedly told him (Senator Morais) face to face that he (Weah) is not aware of some of the appointments being made.

Senator Marais further noted that he does not have problem with President Weah appointing ordinary Liberians to some positions in his government, but suggests that some positions in government are meant for people with vast experience.

“I don’t have problem with President Weah appointing locals into positions but some positions are not for locals. You get to mix them with people who have that knowledge in running government because if President Weah fails today, we all fail,” Senator Morais says.

The Maryland County Senator also narrates that there are lot of people stealing from the country by signing deals that are not benefiting Liberia and Liberians. He says he got a call from his friend from Ivory Coast asking about why Liberia doesn’t have fish when there are five vessels on the sea with factors that are dumping fishes taken from the Liberia sea on a daily basis.

After the conversation with his friend in Ivory Coast, Sen. Morais says he called someone from the National Fisheries and documents were made available to him.

He continued that someone without name signed on behalf of Liberia a five years deal that worth more than US$200,000.00 and promised to write the Legislature upon their return from break.

By Ben P. Wesee–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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