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At WTO: Liberia Deposits Instrument of Acceptance amid June 15 Deadline

Liberia has finally deposited its Instrument of Acceptance to the World Trade Organization (WTO) ahead of the much trumpeted June 15 deadline.

According to a dispatch from Geneva, Switzerland, Liberia’s Commerce Minister Axel Addy registered profound thanks for the level of commitment, patriotism, cooperation and coordination among the Executive, Legislature, as well as its dynamic partners, including the US, EU, Sweden, WTO, ITC, EIF, UNCTAD and World Bank, ACWL, King and Spalding, International Seniors Lawyer Program from Canada and talented Liberians technicians who worked on this over the last 7 years.

The dispatch quoted the country’s smile-beaming Commerce Minister as saying it was now time for implementation to prepare the nation for better business for Liberians to pursue the big dreams and make Liberia better for all. He, however, thanked all those who made the realization possible through their tireless and unbending support.

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