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Auto parts dealers want government assistance

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The President of the Auto Parts Dealers Union of Liberia ( AUPDUL) AlhajiSekou M. Sesay calls on the Government of the Republic of Liberia to provide assistance to the Union in any way to make the Union vibrant as it seeks to contribute to the economy here.

The Auto parts dealers union has constructed a US$54,000 modern plaza owned both by Liberians and Nigerians, containing over 50 shops as a way of creating jobs in the country.

Sesay told reporters over the weekend at the Union’s headquarters in Clara Town that the auto parts dealers union has been in existence since 2012, contributing to the growth and development of the country.He notes that government does not have the means to employ everybody in the public sector, saying the Union creates job opportunities for ordinary Liberian.

Mr. Sesay argues that this is the first time for a Union in Liberia to build a plaza that has more Liberians in its employ. “This initiative is not only intended for us to build plaza, but it is because we want to work along with national government to provide job opportunities for the Liberian people,” he explains.

Speaking further, Mr. Sesay notes that AUPDUL has provided job opportunities for people of diverse nationalities, religious, tribal, and cultural backgrounds, adding that the Union intends to help buttress the agenda of the government in terms of employment.

“We are kindly asking our government under the leadership of President George Weah to see reason to help us in any way for us to have a vibrant Union that will contribute to the country’s economy. We cannot make progress without the assistance of national government,” he appeals.

Meanwhile, Sesay calls on all auto parts dealers in Liberia to take membership with the organization, adding that dealers need to come together as one and draw government’s attention in terms of seeking assistance other benefits for the growth and development of the Union.

To be a member of the Union, Mr. Sesay notes that the auto parts dealer must be a taxpayer to the Liberian government.At the same time, Sesay extends thanks and appreciations to all members of Zone #1 in Clara Town for conducting a free and transparent election, saying it shows that the people of the Union are peaceful.

“I am very proud of one of our zones in Liberia to have such kind of election today. Even though we have different people from diverse backgrounds …, they all conducted themselves under the laws of Liberia,”Sesay continues.

He cautions the newly elected officials of Zone #1 to work within the Union, uring hits members to ensure that the interest of AUPDUL comes as a priority.In a special recognition, Mr. Sesay congratulates Mr. George Obi Ikpechukwu who was elected as vice chairman on “White ballot” due to his good works.

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