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Lookin Inside from Outside

Awaken Your Sixth Sense

Everyman is a genius, but only few have discovered the genius in them. Many of us allow situations and challenges to determine our future and experiences in life, instead of taking charge of our destinies by making the right decisions.

It’s no longer time to be normal, feel among and act like everyone around you. True leadership is about discovering what others haven’t. It’s about seeing beyond the natural, seeing beyond the physical limitations, and smelling victory when others smell defeat and failure. It’s about hearing from your inner convictions, when others are confused by the hullaballoo of life and touching success with your mind even when it seems far from your hands.

You may never know the joy of success until you awaken your sixth sense. Every normal person five senses, for which they are satisfied, but men and women of purpose strives to accomplish beyond the normal or natural.  Never be satisfied with mediocrity. Awakening your sixth sense is about living a life style of excellence, becoming supernatural, exceptional and extraordinary in what you do. Until you awaken your sixth sense you may not discover your uniqueness and factors that makes you outstanding.

Many a times we have learnt to be confined within a box, a routine or normal way of doing things. No wonder we easily get bored at work or in pursuit of a vision. When you awaken your sixth sense you will consciously begin to think out of the box. Great men who have achieved exceptional success all over the world are people who refused to be confined to a routine, men who’d rather break the box and think out of it, than be confined to a pattern of thinking, administration or operation.

The day you resolve to explore creativity in your job, business or in packaging of your product is the day you will begin to experience exceptional results and success.   The secret of success is simply doing what others are not doing. See opportunities where others see failure, do things differently from others, package your goods differently, talk and carry yourself in a manner that portrays excellence and integrity, this is what it means to awaken your sixth sense.

One thing that stands you out in life, education or business is your ability to use your sixth sense creatively in a way that stands you out. If you ever desire success in what you do, you must learn to see yourself uniquely different from others and walk in these principles. Our challenges many times is refusing to walk in these principles, ignoring the path of success yet wishing for it. Wishing for success alone is not enough, what makes anyone successful is a conscious move in the right direction in line with these principles.

Have you ever wondered why two people are involved in a business, one succeeds and the other fails? Both of them may be involved in selling the same brand, goods or services but one makes more money than the other. How could this ever be? The answer is simple, the one succeeding might have awoken his sixth sense. He is constantly innovating and thinking of creative ways to package his goods or services different from others. Perhaps he has discovered some added value services he renders to attract and keep his customers glued to himself. He might have mastered effective communication, making your customers feel loved, respected and valued rather than show them your desperation that you are only after their money and your profit margin.

The key to a successful, exceptional and extraordinary life is doing the extra other people neglect, ignore or refuses to do. You will gain control over your trade and be considered the best by all including people you know might have better potentials than you because potential alone is not enough. The simple equation of success and good leadership might be potential + sixth sense. This secret from ages past might have seemed impossible or too big to comprehend.

Your sixth sense will cause you to be proactive, diligent, creative, have foresight and far sight so you can gain over sight. This is the key and empowerment you have been looking for. This is the master key that opens doors to success.

You and I can begin today to change the cause of history. We can rewrite the story of our lives from failure and mediocrity to a life of success and excellence. It all begins with the awakening of your sixth sense. Quit lying to yourself, you have all it takes to make it. You have everything you will ever need the only thing you need to do today is awaken your sixth sense and begin to enjoy a life of uncommon success.

(Ezekiel Moses is a, Writer, Consultant, a Creative Artist and Broadcaster. He is a sought after motivational speaker who has impacted many people young and old over the years. He is a Branding, Marketing and Adverts specialist and Best Seller Author. Tell: 231 7755 97336, www.changeentertainments.blogspot.com E-mail: iamezekielmosesdgr8@gmail.com)

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