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Baboon and Monkey Fight for the Magic Banana

Once upon a time, far away in the jungle of Liberia, a fight started between Sister Monkey and Brother Baboon. The fight started over a gigantic banana – the Magic Banana – that had appeared from nowhere. Almost all the categories of animals were interested in having it. But because that was impossible, they all agreed that it be given to Sister Monkey and Brother Baboon since the two were the most famous when it came to eating banana. Not only that. They were also the two indisputably most loved and stubborn jungle animals of those days.

However, it also turned out that neither Sister Monkey nor Brother Baboon was willing to share the special banana with anyone. Sister Monkey wanted to have it. Brother Baboon wanted it, too.  In the process, the animals, by consensus, devised what they considered “the solution” to the problem.

“Yeah, let them fight for that banana,” remarked Brother Bat who, too, had thought that his size would be pitied, causing the animals to give him the banana, but he was wrong. He underestimated – or, rather, didn’t know that Sister Monkey and Brother Baboon never surrendered when it came to capturing banana, needless to mention capturing the Magic Banana.

Therefore, a line –affectionately called captured-the-magic-banana boundary – was drawn, and Brother Baboon was to stand on one side of the line, while Sister Monkey on the other side. Each had to hold and pull the other side of a rope whose center was suspended right above the boundary. Each was to pull the rope until the other contestant was forced across the boundary. The person doing that would be the winner, capturing the Magic Banana.

Interestingly, too, in order to provide some kind of opportunity to other animals, the animals created an avenue whereby other animals could participate. A third rope was attached at the center of the main rope and extended parallel to the left line of the boundary. Any animal or group of animals that succeeded in pulling that third rope until Sister Monkey and Brother Baboon were pulled in their direction would take possession of the Magic Banana. Ambitious and confident ones declared their intent to participate.

So the competition commenced. Sister Monkey pulled her side of the rope, using all her God-give-me-my-last strength, to make Brother Baboon cross over. Brother Baboon was doing the same. The animals holding onto the third rope did their best to win, too.

The pulling went on for minutes without anyone knowing exactly whether Sister Monkey or Brother Baboon would be the victor, for each put up a ferocious fight against the other. In fact, it was soon realized that the other animals were no match in the competition, as most of them could not even pull their rope for one minute without dropping from exhaustion. It was certain they were not prepared for the competition, yet they registered for it.

After each side had pulled for more than thirty minutes without anyone having the upper hand, and without the other contestants making any efforts to register their formidableness, the animals suggested and agreed that Sister Monkey and Brother Baboon rest for one hour and return for a second and final round, leaving the other so-called contestants in the cold.

However, during the second and final race, almost all of the other animals that contested, using the third rope, decided to support Sister Monkey. Brother Porcupine was the first to announce that when it came to eating banana, he preferred Sister Monkey.  Others followed suit, pledging their support to Sister Monkey.  Nobody wanted to support Brother Baboon.

Considering his situation, and considering his unwilling to suffer any humiliation in the hands of Sister Monkey and her supporters, Brother Baboon designed some new strategies, including violently  shaking all the trees in the jungle and boycotting the final round. He thought they were strategies that would work, but the shrewdness of Sister Baboon and the general support coming from the other former contestants frustrated his plan.

The one hour passed quickly, and it was time for the final game. However, Brother Baboon refused to come to the competition ground. He sat up a huge tree nearby and watched the rest of the animals from there.

After waiting for about thirty minutes without the presence of Brother Baboon, the judges checked from one to five and declared Sister Monkey the winner. As soon as that was done, Brother Baboon angrily jumped from one branch to another of the trees in the jungle, threatening chaos and ungovernableness and disruption of the official presentation of the Magic Banana.

Before long, condemnations sprang from various angles, condemnations directed at Brother Baboon. Animals of other jungles threatened to disallow him entry into their territories if he did not behave maturely and peacefully. The heat of isolation was increasing on him, although Sister Monkey, too, was scared that anything ugly could happen because she recognized the fact that, as our people would say, “Brother Baboon and his family full of ‘grum-mo’” and Brother Baboon and his children were  stubborn animals.

Quickly, she arranged a series of meetings with Brother Baboon and his family members, assuring them that they, too, would be given a piece of the Magic Banana. Brother Baboon laughed. His family laughed, too. It was all about the Magic Baboon. Although he would not be given the largest portion, he had been promised a piece of that banana, a banana that meant a lot for both the jungle and the animals in it.

So the official presentation time came for the prize to formally be presented to Sister Monkey, who was smiling as if God had just told her, “Enter the Gate of Heaven, my daughter. You lived your life well.”

Brother Baboon, who was present at the occasion, watched the ceremony emotionally vicariously, imagining he was the one being honored in that fashion. When the Magic Banana was being delivered to Sister Monkey, Brother Baboon swallowed spit as if they had just passed a delicious dish in front of his hungry nose. Sister Monkey looked at Brother Baboon from the corner of her eye and jerked the Banana from the Senior Judge presenting it, thinking that stubborn Baboon could spring and jerk it in the process.

That’s how the Magic Baboon was given to Sister Monkey, who held it tight with her two hands, as if Brother Baboon would do “buffet ground hold it” with it.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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