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Baboon Ransacks Bomi Town

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In Bomi County, a baboon is reported to have gone on the rampage in Gbarmu Town and its surrounding villages. It is reported to have attacked a woman in Gbarmu Town last Friday, but yet unknown whether or not the woman was harmed in the process.

The activities of the wild animal have created fear among the inhabitants of the town including hunters, as well as traders. “Every day we are afraid of our lives because the baboon can attack you at any moment. Even hunters are having fear,”  one farmer told this paper.

Meanwhile, over 2,000 people have been made homeless in the aftermath of a heavy rainstorm. The storm reported removed roof tops of houses last Saturday.

According to report monitored here, over 50 houses were damaged as a result, but no death reported so far. Those affected are appealing to the Liberian Government and humanitarians organizations for assistance.

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