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Baby Found in Garbage

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The Neezoe Community in Paynesville was the scene of grieve when a huge crowd gathered to watch  a 14 months old baby being removed from a pile of garbage.The baby was later found dead upon removal from the pile of garbage.

No one has claimed ownership of the dead child, but many residents believed the corpse may have thrown in the garbage by the unidentified mother, who had apparently abandoned him due to economic hardship. The corpse was subsequently turned over to the Liberia National Police for burial.

“I want to believe that this child was placed here by the mother due to her inability to take care of him; why will she even want to act like that; she is very heartless; how will she look at her own nine months old child and just dumped it like that,”  a bystander noted.

The situation created huge debate among residents of the connunty with some blaming the mother and others accusing the father of not supporting his child, abandoning him and the mother.

However, others believed that the child may had been kidnapped, murdered and thrown in the garbage. “You can’t rule that out; while it is true that we all don’t know the root cause of the child’s death, but I am equally convinced that it is some of these stupid kidnappers we have around making the community terrible for us,” a man noted.

All efforts to find the child’s parents proved futile as no one on the scene seemed ready to identify anyone or take responsibility. Police have launched investigation into the murder.

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