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Baby rogue on the run

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A female baby rogue is currently on the run in Monrovia with a 5-day-old baby girl reportedly stolen from an unsuspecting couple in the Borough of New Kru Town on Bushrod Island. Police in New Kru Town have launched a search for the suspect only identified as “Shantel”.

The alleged baby thief carried out the act while posing as a kind-hearted person during a visit to the Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town where she met a woman that gave birth on Saturday, February 15 and immediately befriended her, expressing likeness for the child.

With her real motive hidden, she took gifts to the new mother and her baby at their home in New Kru Town on Sunday and spent the entire day there but little did the family know that its new member was being targeted.

“Shantel” had met 20-year-old Caroline Wolo at the Redemption Hospital after she (Caroline) gave birth following an operation.

The victim narrated that “Shantel” had earlier said her sister aborted six months old pregnancy at Redemption. Speaking to the NewDawn Tuesday at her residence in New Kru Town near Borbor Garage, Caroline noted that “Shantel” had been very nice to her and the baby since she gave birth.

According to her, the suspect had claimed she lives on sixteen (16th) Street in Sinkor, and that she wanted the baby named after her (Shantel). On Sunday, 16 February Caroline Wolo was discharged from the hospital and escorted home by the baby thief, who also bathed the baby that same day and bought her some things.

Caroline narrated that while coming to her house, “Shantel” took along a basket covered in a very big blue plastic bag that she claimed was used to take food to her sister in the hospital.

She said “Shantel” stayed at the house the entire Sunday until darkness came when the suspect asked that they come out-door to catch fresh air. While sitting outside, “Shantel” told the baby’s father to go find a vehicle for charter to take her home because it was too late.

Caroline added that as they were still catching fresh air, “Shantel” left and went for her phone in the room and returned with the basket [apparently with the baby inside] covered in the plastic bag that she had carried and immediately left the yard.

After she had departed, the baby’s father decided to go in the room, but immediately noticed the room was locked. As he burst into the room, the baby was nowhere to be found. He immediately decided to go in search of the car that had taken Shantel away, but unfortunately, he did not see the car, neither the suspect.

The couple subsequently alerted the Liberia National Police. The police have launched a search for the suspect and the baby. The couple has also been advised to visit the U.S. Embassy here, because Caroline said “Shantel” had told her that she was pregnant and about to leave for America.

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