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Bai T. Moore Public School closed due to deplorable condition

Due to their school’s deplorable condition, kids of school-going age in the town have now turned to farming activities and other sources of livelihood.

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Monrovia, April 29, 2024: Over two thousand youths, especially females in Deman Town, Bomi County, are out of school because of the deplorable condition of the only public school there, the Bai T. Moore Town Public School in Senjeh District.

The condition of the public has caused kids of school-going age to stay home and focus on farming activities and other sources of livelihood.

The school has closed because teachers and students are careful not to endanger their lives in deteriorating school buildings. 

The closure of the school since the beginning of this year is said to have contributed to increased teenage pregnancy, illicit drug abuse, domestic violence, and other crimes in the town.

Speaking in an interview over the weekend in the county, the Development Chairman of the Town, Mr. Zinnah Morris, said the building has not been renovated for years.

He complained that it had not gotten the attention of the national government and the County Education Officer. 

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However, Chairman Morris called on the authorities of Bomi County, the District Education Office, and the National Government to rebuild the school and hire more teachers. 

He warned that the school closure is not good for school-going kids and youth in the area, especially females.

Due to the deplorable condition of the school, he said parents are keeping their children home while others who are financially strong are sending their children elsewhere to get quality education.

“The only public school we have in this town has been deplorable for years. Disappointingly, the government has done nothing to address this situation,” he lamented.

“The school building is a death trap for students and teachers. We want the government to come and build the school because this has caused our children to return to farming while crimes and violence have increased,” he said.

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  1. What is the local community along with the Lawmakers doing about renovating the school? Why wait on the Central Government to do everything when you get together and do little things for yourselves? As the saying goes, “Caste your bucket where you are.”

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