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Ballah Zayzay Launches Fish Pond in Margibi

Margibi County District #2 Representative Ballah  Zayzay has embarked on a fish pump projection his district, estimated at US$65,000.00. Touring the site last Friday with Assistant Agriculture Minister for Extension, Paul Jallah, Representative Zayzay said the initiative was not only intended to produce fish, but to create jobs for youths and other jobless citizens in the county.

The Margibi Lawmaker said he plans to produce more locally bred fish after completion of the project in order to supply the Liberian market and neighboring countries. The construction work, which is being supervised by a young agriculture expert Massaboi Kutu-Akoi, has already provided jobs for over 30 youths both from Margibi and other counties.

Representative Ballah  Zayzay, who is also engaged in rubber farming, said originally has been a career farmer and will remain a farmer no matter where he excels in life. He stressed that every well-meaning Liberian, especially those in government should play a key role in the Agriculture sector by producing products that can be consumed in Liberia or in neighboring countries.

According to him, agriculture is a significant means through which Liberians can improve their economy, reduce hunger and unemployment after years of civil conflicts that destroyed every major sector of the country.

Assistant Agriculture Minister for Extension Paul Jallah, who led a team from the Agriculture Ministry on a tour of the farm, lauded the Margibi Representative for the initiative and promised that the ministry will provide technical advice in improving the fish pump project. Minister Jallah encouraged Representative Zayzay to consider rice cultivation since he has a huge farm land that is unique for said purpose.

The Assistant Minister, who also visited a self-help  peanut farm belonging to a group of rural women under the banner ‘Zay-Vay-Li-Kee-zu Women’ meaning women joining hands (Lorma) told the women to properly structure themselves into a cooperative in order to  be recognized by local and national bodies, including development partners working for women empowerment in the country.

He expressed satisfaction over the women’s self-help peanut farm and commended Representative Zayzay, whom the women said provided land, seeding and initial money which enabled them to kickoff the project.

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He thanked the lawmaker for providing job opportunities for thousands of Liberians to enable them cater to their respective families. Jallah described the undertaking by Zayzay as a mark of a good leader that worth emulation if Liberia is to succeed in drastically reducing unemployment among her citizenry.

Other Agriculture Technicians from Margibi County, who equally formed part of the farm visitation team last Friday said Representative Zayzay’s fish pond project when completed,  will become one of the first of its kind in recent years, which is helping to provide employment for several jobless youths in Margibi.

Meanwhile, the Margibi County Lawmaker has underscored the need for government to encourage local farmers in the Country’s back to the soil campaign since agriculture is a speedy way of improving the Liberian economy with the participation of ordinary citizens.

He recommended that local Agriculture experts should keep more time in the fields to provide technical expertise to farmers so that farming can take on modern trend in a country that is blessed with rich, fertile soil for cultivation.

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