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Baptist Church gives to Ebola-hit communities

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Ikoyi Baptist Church based in Lagos, Nigeria, has provided US$7,000 to the Providence Baptist Church in Monrovia, Liberia to help Ebola-affected communities here.

The Church (Ikoyi) was touched by the spirit of humanity after coming in contact with the community-driven work being carried out by Providence Baptist, a sister church in Liberia.

Providence, in partnership with the Ikoyi Baptist Church in Nigeria, continues to identify with the needy in several shattered communities in and around Monrovia.

The Church, through its Community Development Arm, Providence Foundation, over the past weeks distributed several assorted food items to several communities that were in one way or the other affected by the virus.

The distribution exercise, which targeted some suburbs of Monrovia, is considered as one of the Church’s biggest humanitarian gestures in the country since the outbreak of the virus.

Spearheading the exercise is the Director of Congregational Life at the Providence Baptist Church, Rev. Joseph J. Roberts, Sr.

Rev. Roberts told the beneficiaries that the Church is blessed to have received financial assistance from its Sister Church in Nigeria (Ikoyi) to help boost ministerial work across the country.

“Identifying with you through the distribution of food to this large group in a day’s time is a big challenge. Our presence here today is to help provide some foodstuff that will help you recover from the Ebola outbreak”, Rev. Roberts told the waiting beneficiaries. “We are working closely with our brothers and sisters in Nigeria (IKoyi) to ensure the timely delivery of food assistance to all Ebola-affected people”, he added.

Some of the benefiting communities include Garden of Prayers in New Georgia-Caldwell, Amadu Town in Bomi County, Old Folk’s Home, Old Road and sick and shut-in people in various communities in and around Monrovia.

Assorted food items distributed include rice, oil, beans, milk, ovaltine, soap and sugar.

For his part, the Senior Pastor at Providence Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, Jr, lauded the effort of the Ikoyi Baptist family for recognizing the good work of Providence and coming to help carry out its Ministry on this side of the world.

He praised the Church (Ikoyi) for the partnership and expressed the hope that a more comprehensive framework is structured between the two congregations with the intent to save humanity in both countries.

The purpose of the distribution, according to Rev. Reeves, is to provide some level of comfort for affected families by giving them food to eat so that they do not leave their homes to look for food. The distribution coincides with the 194th Anniversary of Providence.

The loss of productivity and household income due to Ebola-related deaths and illness as well as people staying away from work, for fear of infection, are all helping to compound economic problems in Liberia, including Guinea and Sierra Leone.

By Ethel A. Tweh

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