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Baptist prelates warns graduates

A Baptist preacher and Administrator of the Jake Memorial Baptist College in Liberia Dr. Wallah S. Wilsitoe warns graduates of the college to practice the six principles of the Lord Jesus Christ by being men with integrity in their ministerial works.

He gave the warning here Sunday, 21 July in the edifice of the Bethlehem Baptist Church located in Keyhole community, Old Road while admitting 11 graduates of the college into the college’s Alumina Association.

The graduates received Associate Degrees in Theology and Christian Education. The 21 July commencement brings to 10th the number of graduations held by the college since it was established 19 years ago.

He also warns the graduates to hold onto the fundamental principles of God, which include, among other things, love, care, and be their brother’s keepers, noting that the graduates have an obligation to win more souls for the Lord by ensuring that unbelievers are brought to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Wilsitoe stresses that no matter how many money a person may have in the bank, how many houses he built, or cars he owns, and luxuries he acquired while on the face of the earth, what matters is where he spends eternity after death.

He challenges the graduates to be aware that human lived in a world of hypocrisy, coupled with mistrust, calling on them to practice, teach, preach, and go in the battle in a heavily-crowded field to bring lost souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ who is the finisher of men’s faith.

He emphasizes that after obtaining an AA Degree himself from the college 19 years ago, he decided to pursue further studies by acquiring Bachelor, Master’s and doctorate degrees, respectively from the Colorado University based in the United States of America (USA) before returning home to make his contribution.

He expresses gratitude to the college’s oversea partners, faculty, administration and supporting Baptist Churches for their continue contributions which will go a long way in addressing the spiritual needs of unbelievers and lead them to the saving knowledge of God as well as repent from their wicked deeds.

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Earlier, the college President, Rev. John K. Sackie, discloses that the biggest challenge has been payment of fees by students and supporting Baptist Churches, which sometime compelled the administration of the college to waive fees in order to help students go through their academic studies.

He hopes that the college would move from AA degree level to a full degree program when the college’s application of intent is approved by the National Commission on Higher Education.

He calls on supporting Baptist churches to encourage young people in their churches to enroll in the college by offering them financial gifts that would keep them in school, while commending those who have and continued to support the work of the college over the years, praying God’s blessings on them. By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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