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Barnesville community residents report threat

Following last weekend’s lynching of a suspected criminal Richards Shiningman in Patience Shop Community, Barnesville, residents of the community are alarming threats to their lives in what is being described as a reprisal attempt for the death of Richards.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, February 20, residents complain that since the death of Shiningman, they have been receiving threats from alleged associates of the victim of a recent mob attack in the community.

They say as a result of these threats, the community has empowered its watch team to police the community at night in readiness for any eventuality that may arise thereof.

Patrick Sieh, a community advocate, discloses that their communities have been terrorized by hardened criminals armed with dangerous objects, robbing dwellers of their personal effects.

He warns those involved in issuing threats to residents to desist because they have resolved to expose any resident, who may be suspected of associating with criminals.

Rumors have been circulating in two communities of threat of reprisal by associates of the late Richards Shiningman, identified as a notorious hijacker.

Residents described the deceased as one of many criminals, who had terrorized inhabitants of Patient Shop community, Yanford Town, and adjacent communities, respectively.

Angry mob of Patient Shop Community flogged the suspect to death over the weekend. Eyewitnesses, who trooped to the scene to take a glance of ‘Shinning Man’s corpse, claim he was involved in several crimes ranging from theft of properties, hijacking, and stabbing his victims, among others.

Patrick is calling on the National Chairman of the Community Watch Forum to empower the affected communities with requisite materials to enhance their work.
He wants the police to establish a depot in those communities to work in hand with residents in combating crimes.

By Emmanuel Mondaye

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