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Barnesville youths grade Boakai-Nuquay Ticket

Some youth of Barnesville Community have described the Boakai-Nuquay Presidential ticket as very weak primarily because of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai being on the ticket.

Speaking to this paper on Monday, 24 July Thomas Diggs of Barnesville Estate argues that Vice President Joseph Boakai works in the current administration that has not made any significant difference in the lives of the people, so he is not a winning ticket.

According to him, Liberians are tired suffering in the hands of the Unity Party-led government. Another youth of Patience Shop community in Barnesville, Greene says, “Firstly, I am not a supporter of Boakai and Nuquay ticket, and I think the ticket is not a good fit in these elections. It is highly divisive, sectional and presents a negative picture.

“The entire process of selecting Nuquay was to present a Liberian picture, to distance themselves from the so-called elite and play on the conscience of the ordinary Liberians that this is a native ticket, I don’t believe in native and concau which is my first reason why I frown on the ticket”.

He adds that both men preside over a very corrupt legislature that dismally performs; this was under their watch saying that they could get some support, as the ignorance of the Liberian people could make it a winnable ticket “but I am not an admirer of the ticket.”

Another resident of Barnesville Dry Rice Community, Toma Vonziah says she has no problem with VP Boakai because he is quiet but his running mate has spoiled his ticket and they are heading for failure, saying that Nuquay is very much authoritative, and that his first speech to the Liberian people was very harsh.

“We have not given the Country to them yet he has started being very harsh on us, when that ticket wins, Liberians will be living in an authoritative society and we will have no freedom until they leave power”, says Miss Vonziah.

Vice President Boakai recently named House Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay as his running mate to contest for the Presidency in October. Speaker Nuquay is Margibi County District#5 Representative.

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By Ethel A. Tweh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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