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Bassa tailors demand share of Chevron’s donation


The National Tailor Union of Liberia is struggling to defend the alleged mismanagement of items and money donated to the Union by Chevron Liberia limited.An agreement was signed between the tailor union and Chevron Liberia followed by a training conducted through the sponsorship of Chevron in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The grant from Chevron was intended to facilitate the construction and rehabilitation of areas in two counties for an effective establishment and full operation of a texture industry.  It has been months since the training ended in Grand Bassa County with reports emerging from the camp of the Tailor Union that the donation and grant have been given to the union in Monrovia for distribution between two counties that attended the training.

The Grand Bassa County tailor union has complained of neither getting any of the money donated nor designer machines.  The Assistant Coordinator of the Grand Bassa County Tailor Union, Isaac Kono said they are disappointed in their colleagues in Monrovia for not providing Grand Bassa County’s share of the Chevron’s gesture to the two counties.

Kono in an interview yesterday did not mention the amount of money and materials. However, he said his union has engaged the Montserrado chapter to make available its share of the donation and grant, but according to him, the Union in Monrovia headed By LassanaDawon has failed.

“We did our follow up and noticed that the grant has been given and the machines were on ground, but when we went to the Tailor Union office on Lynch Street, we met the president, LassanaDawon who confirmed to us that the materials were here but Grand Bassa is not to benefit because the MOU was only signed between Chevron and the Montserrado Union and not Grand Bassa Union,” he explained.

The purpose of the training was to empower and improve skills of Liberian fashion designers. It targeted about 75 participants from Montserrado and Grand Bassa Counties respectively.  It was agreed that after graduation, participants of the training would have benefited from Chevron Liberia Limited by the donation of designing machines and a grant to the two counties that attended the training session.

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The Grand Bassa County branch of the Tailor Union demands its fair share of the donation from Chevron.  “We the Grand Bassa branch received information that the items reached Liberia along with the grant at the union’s head office in Monrovia, the Monrovia branch did not mention any tailoring union in Grand Bassa,” Mr. Kono explained.

He noted that the Grand Bassa branch did a follow up and confirmed arrival of the items and grant but the county is yet to get its share of the donation.  The President of the Liberia National Tailor Union LassanaDawon declined to comment on the allegation when he was contacted via mobile. Dawon however promised to provide documents and explanations about the Chevron’s assistance subsequently. 

By Ethel A. Tweh

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