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Be careful in managing the election

-Unity Party elder council warns NEC

By Kruah Thompson

The Chairperson of the Unity Party National Elder Council, K. Geniton Walker, Sr., urges the National Elections Commission (NEC)  to handle electoral matters with due care. 

According to him, he perceives irregularities in NEC’s recent decision and approach regarding Montserrado County District#11 Representative Candidate, Thomas Nemene Tweh, commonly known as “Original Countryman”.

Recently, respondents and representative candidates in District#11, Sia Tandapollie, James Marwie, and Emmanuel Togba, filed a prohibition against the nomination of Mr. Nemene Tweh in the ensuing Legislative election.

The Court ruled against Mr. Nemene on August 31, 2023, after he failed to meet the eligibility clause of the Revised Election Laws of Liberia.

In the ruling, the Supreme Court affirmed that Mr. Nemene Tweh is not domiciled in Montserrado County District-Eleven, and is therefore, not eligible to contest.

However, in an exclusive interview during the weekend, Mr. Geniton emphasized that it was unjust to deny Candidate Tweh, while former Minister Nathaniel McGill, who had been sanctioned by the United States, is on the ballot for the October 10th elections.

Continuing to address the countryman’s situation, he disclosed that Senators  Edwin Snowe and Thomas Fallah registered in different districts, but were still allowed to contest in other districts, something he argued, is against the principles of NEC. 

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He believes that based on their observations, the NEC is no longer as independent as it should be, and they are closely monitoring the situation.

“NEC’s decision to deny countryman is a clear indication that they have taken sides,” he notes, emphasizing that the Council will not sit idly if election results are manipulated.

Mr. Geniton pointedly warned the Commission that the party takes the pending election very seriously, and is prepared to take action to defend their votes.

He cautions NEC to be mindful during the election, as the UP will not remain passive.

“All NEC plans are beginning to surface, and we are scrutinizing them one by one. We know this election is crucial, and we are treating it with utmost seriousness,” he adds.

Besides, Mr. Geniton urges the international community to serve as observers in the pending elections to prevent possible manipulation.

Having been a member of the Unity Party since 1997, he called on elders across the country to engage with citizens, emphasizing the need for change, starting with President Weah’s leadership.

The Unity Party Elder Council Chair is of the conviction that only former Vice President Joseph Boakai can bring the necessary changes to Liberia, given his clean record in public service.

Therefore, he anticipates fair, free, and transparent election but notes they are resolved to secure every aspect of their votes and ballots.

Meanwhile, he reveals there are plans to appoint trusted poll watchers to safeguard UP ballots and prevent potential fraud. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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