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This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Let me share with you a revelation that change my way of thinking and set me on the right path with the most high God. I used to be like any other girl that loves the pleasure of this world, (Drinking, smoking, nightclubs and all that we called BIG TIME). I spent almost ten years of pleasures in Ghana, but I can tell you, I also learned a lot from human behavior.

I came back to Liberia in 2008, got a job 2011, graduated and got married 2012. Wonderful achievements;  right? But guess what! I could never find my purpose of being on earth. I was always confused and not focus until I had this revelation in 2013.

The angel of God came to me and said, “Massa, it is time that you should be focus, when your life is over, you will have to give account of what you have done for God; if not, on that day you will be put out off the line” I kept listening, but the angel disappeared.

Roman 14:12;

“So then, every one of us shall give account of himself to God.”

In that revelation, I knew to myself that I had nothing to give account off if I am called upon. I was sad, walking on a lonely road when I saw a lot of different races of people forming a queue on a lager field.  I got afraid and said, ” Oh God, what am I going to say when you ask me? I tried putting my thoughts together on how I am living my life but couldn’t find anything worth living for God.

I then joined one of the queues but later realized that we were the ones asking God questions. Everyone asked his/her own question to God one at a time. When it was about my turn, I left the line; I was confused and did not know which question to ask (To prove how confused I’ve been in life!). But the lady that was before me asked God and said, “My Lord, what if I have lived a life that is not good in your site, what am I to do to right all my wrongs?” that was the only question I heard, and when I looked up, I heard  the voice of God loud and clear from above,  saying, ” My child, I have assigned angels to each and every one of you on earth (I kept looking above) if you want  to make right all those wrongful things you have done on earth, before you come, ( that is, before you die) consult your angels and they will show you the way. Make sure you do as you are told”

Psalm 91:11

“For he shall give his angles charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”

After the voice, I walked away on a lonely and dusty road, meditating on my life that had no meaning at that time, but I give God the glory for whom I stand for today. Since the day of this revelation, I have remained focus on God and to achieve that which he wants me to and not what I want. I am now an Ordained Minister of the Gospel. I have my foundation where I care for children, who needs help and by the grace of God, he has given me wisdom to reach out to you through this article, and other means. Now I know who I am, and I know my propose for being on earth.

My brothers and sisters, it is better to be focus on God in anything that your hand finds to do, than to be focus on men and the things of this world; it will always lead you into confusion.

This is your chance and time to ask God all the questions that you want and he shall answer you and direct your path. When you are dead and gone, which of course you don’t know when, you will have no second chance, but to be ready for God’s questions to you.

Let me share this vision with you, on March 25, 2015 during the day while in my room, I heard the sound of a clock ticking. It was so loud; I started to look around, and the astonishing part is that I do not have a clock in my house neither in my room. I was wondering where the sound was coming from. Later I heard a voice saying, “The clock is ticking”. I experienced this for three days and the Lord told me to share it with others.

Don’t take this for joke! Do what you can do now for GOD and obey his words, tomorrow might be too late for you.   

I love you all and I hope this massage will turn your direction to God.

The counseling session is in progress ever second & last Saturday of the month, on the OLD ROAD BEHIND YORK PLAZA HOTEL at 4:30pm for 2 hours. Come and let us share our thoughts. You can call for direction. 


Watch out for next week edition.

By; Min. Mrs. Massa M. Kanyon, House of Achievers Church

Old Road Junction, behind the Executive carwash 9th Edition

Contact: 0886- 749110/ 0886- 139310/ 0770- 749110/ 0770- 443355.

E-mail: Pureheartlib2014.mk@gmail.com

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