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‘Be Optimistic About Real Change’

-Cummings continues with message of change on tour

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has urged Liberians to be optimistic about the emergence of real change and consciously make a commitment to elect competent and qualified leaders come 2023.

Cummings vowed that upon his election as President, he will work assiduously to alleviate extreme suffering and poverty through job creation. He promised not to betray the cause of the Liberian people for good governance and better lives.

The CPP Standard Bearer made the assertion when he met and held talks with hundreds of supporters and sympathizers in Joezhon Town in Lower Margibi on Tuesday, November 15.

Joezhon Town is linked to six major towns with combined population of over 15,000. The citizens of Joezhon are without access to clinics, lack safe drinking water, have no electricity, and are hindered by deplorable road conditions.

Elders, youth and women groups lamented years of government neglect and said their only hope of survival is through small-scale farming and burning coal.

Cummings and an array of CPP stalwarts and supporters, also visited and rallied support in several other towns in Karfiah Clan, Lower Margibi. The CPP Arrowhead assured them of the emergence of real change when all Liberians nationwide will equally share the country’s resources and national development agenda. Karfian Clan in Mamba Chiefdom, comprised of predominantly Bassa people, is surrounded by 72 smaller towns, most of whom earned their living from burning coal, according to the Clan Chief Joseph Weamah.

Citizens of Joezhon and Karfian Towns accorded the CPP Standard Bearer and delegation, the usual traditional welcome with kola and chicken, and decried their deplorable living conditions.

They expressed appreciation for the visit by Mr. Cummings and hailed him for being the first Presidential candidate to visit them and experience the deplorable road conditions which are making life difficult for them.

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They welcomed and lauded Mr. Cummings for his commitment to bring about real change that will alleviate their long-suffering and pledged to mobilize all eligible voters in every town and village of Joehzon and Karfian Clans to vote for the CPP Standard Bearer in the 2023 General and Presidential elections.

Cummings assured Liberians that upon his election as President, he would endeavor to implement basic social services including safe drinking water, reliable electricity, improved health care services, fix the deplorable roads and dilapidated schools nationwide. He said women considered the nation’s backbone, would be empowered through loans scheme to set up, expand and grow their businesses, to help women earn a decent living.

The visits to the various towns of Lower Margibi on Tuesday, November 15, was organized under the auspices of the Successful Women, a nationwide women’s auxiliary committed to the election of Mr. Cummings in 2023.

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