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Be Yourself

Everyone is tempted to imitate people they admire, which might not be a bad idea because every “new school” originates from “old school.” No wonder Solomon one of the wisest men who lived long time ago said, nothing is new under the sun. Every star you see today started by imitating someone they admired until they discovered their own originality. Imitation may not be a bad idea sometimes especially at the learning stage, but you need to grow out of it because imitation is limitation. Why should I buy a fake product when the original is available?

Followers have a tendency of imitating their leaders, and every leader is also a follower of some other leader but what stands you out in life and leadership is finding your own originality. Nothing dignifies more in life than being original and knowing who you are. Nothing sets you apart, than you being the best you were created to be. Having values and principles in life is what separates a failure from success.

Your values and principles determine your personality and how people see you. People’s reactions and response to you, reveals how they see, perceive or value you. Many times in life situations question our faith in our future and destiny, but we must remain steadfast and resolute in our mind about who we truly are and stay focused on our purpose.

The limitation we have had over at years in Africa is imitation. We would rather imitate and produce fake products than original. We have also imported cultures and traditions which is not part of our history or origin. This is eating up into our lives as a people causing immorality among our youths today to the extent that we have almost lost our identity. As Africans we must realize that we cannot be whiter than the whites. We cannot become who we are created to be by trying hard to be like others; these often end in pain and frustrations. The day you realize your uniqueness is the day you will begin to enjoy peace and satisfaction. The reason a lot of people struggle with envy and jealousy is because they are not at peace with their personality but always want to imitate others.  

Nobody can be you but you. There are over 7billion people on earth, yet no two people are the same. Even twins possess different identities and personality traits, despite the fact that they were born from the same pregnancy. The reason is simple, God created everyone unique and special. Lack of understanding of these facts lead many people to peer pressure, trying to please people they could never please in a life time. I realize that they key to personal satisfaction is appreciating your personality and difference.

No matter how hard you try the best you can be is you, so be yourself and mind your business. Why talk all day about everyone else except yourself? No matter how much others have to give you what you have to give yourself and who you are is what determines your success in life. Learn from people but find your own style and rhythm in life. Discover what makes you different from others, and discover the gifts you possess inside of you, that might just be the key to your next level.

To be at peace with others you must first be at peace with yourself. Loving others and hating yourself only lead to frustration. As a speaker I realize that what makes you unique is not just quoting what other people say but having an opinion of your own about life and the subject you are talking about.

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Nothing is truly a limitation to you in life, except the one you place on yourself. No matter how much people believe in you, you are still bound to fail if you do not believe in yourself. Even Jesus said “believe in God, believe also in me. Love your neighbor as yourself,” so there’s always a reason to believe in yourself and be yourself. David would have failed and died an untimely death in his battle against Goliath if he went ahead with Saul’s armor. He pulled them aside when he discovered it was a limitation to him and picked up his sling and five stones which he was used to, and that was all he needed for the victory he desired.

Being yourself is your passport to success. Determine today to find your uniqueness, and love yourself as well as other but not more than them, so much that you lose your personality. Any where you go from today be proud of whom you are, while working towards being a better person and success will be your experience always. 

Ezekiel Moses is a Writer, Consultant, Creative Artist, Broadcaster and Blogger. He is a sought after motivational speaker who has impacted many people, young and old over the years. He is a Branding, Marketing and Adverts specialist and Best Seller Author. For further enquires please call: 231 7755 97336, www.changeentertainments.blogspot.com E-mail: iamezekielmosesdgr8@gmail.com

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