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Bea Mountain General Manager admonishes workforce

-Promises dedication in 2023

The General Manager of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC), Reza Karimiyan has admonished the workforce of the entity to reaffirm their collective dedication to the institution in 2023 and beyond.

Mr. Karimiyan said together, they all shall continue to build a strong Bea Mountain as the New Year has begun.

He stressed that the seeds planted in the previous year by the workers now begin to bear fruit, noting that these are the rewards of their endless hours of labor.

The business tycoon also recounted that the year 2022 was a year of challenges, accomplishments and lessons learned for many of their programs.

He stressed that in spite of all, including the dramatic increase in fuel and commodity prices and considerable financial losses and setbacks in schedules, the company has managed to reach this far.

At the same time, the BMMC boss expressed his determination to make the very best of the company in 2023.

Delivering his year-end message to workers of the company, Mr. Karimiyan said being at the helm of Bea Mountain is both a privilege and a great responsibility.

He noted that with the strong, enthused team working together, the concession company can surely make its goals happen in the New Year.

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However, on behalf of the Chairman Mr. Mehmet Nazif Günal, the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Murathan Doruk Günal, the entire Board of Directors and Management of Bea Mountain, Mr. Karimiyan has extended profound thanks and appreciation to the entire workforce.

He also lauded their families and the citizens of Liberia for their resilience and commitment and also wished everyone a very prosperous, safe and productive 2023.

Mr. Karimiyan said his door will stay open and he welcomes everyone staff and Liberian citizens if they need anything to talk about.

As the year 2023 has begun rolling, Mr. Karimiyan encouraged all workers to reflect on the Company, what it means to them individually, and what positive contributions they can make towards its sustainability.

“Will it do well or not? Shall we ensure that it runs smoothly, knowing the value it holds to our families and us, or, shall we break it down? The answer is collectively ours,” he said.

He called on his team to continue to show the true sign of love and passion for the work they do and above all, the General Manager appreciates the bond between their expats and Liberian workers.

Mr. Karimiyan further termed their coexistence as unavoidable and fundamental bedrock for the project.

He stressed that their goal is to sustain and expand the investment; something he believes will only be achievable with their collective efforts.

The Company General Manager noted that so far, all that the management continues to do has proven their worth in the industry.

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