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Bea Mountain Remains committed

Bea Mountain Mining Corporation has remained engaged with citizens in its concession in a way of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

Monday, May 27, 2024: The management of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation has said it remains committed to its corporate social responsibility activities and that noting will make its attention shift.

Over the years, the company has provided a number of community engagements and, at the same time, carried out a series of corporate social responsibility work, especially in the affected areas.

Over time, it has rehabilitated major roads in the county, including the Kinjor to Daniel’s Town Road, Kinjor to Jenneh Brown, Kinjor to Jikandor, and Jikandor to Malina roads, among many others. Bea Mountain constructed modern houses and a modern clinic.

It also constructed a modern TVET School in Kinjor, Gola Konneh District. The school will enable citizens of the Western Region of Liberia and workers to acquire the requisite technical skills.

Over the years, the company has provided and is still providing stipends to health workers and teachers within its host communities.

On the issue of sanitation, in New Liberty, BMMC has occasionally constructed and repaired hand pumps in communities such as Kinjor, Jawajeh, Blain, Deayelle, Jenneh Brown, Jikandor, Malina, Korma, Vai Town, Silent Hill, Jendema, and Massakpa in the Mtambo Corridor.

Also, in May 2022, Bea Mountain, through an MOU with citizens of the host communities, introduced the Clan Development Fund primarily intended to implement community-driven projects in three clans, Darblo, Mana, and Laar, in Gola Konneh District, Grand Cape Mount County. Annually, BMMC gives US$150,000 to each of the three clans, amounting to US$450,000. Since its introduction, Bea Mountain has disbursed US$900,000 under the Clan Development initiative.

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In line with the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA), BMMC has contributed over US$1.5 million as a social development fund to Grand Cape Mount County, an amount that has been stalled in the county’s account for some political reasons.

With all these in mind, over the weekend, Bea Mountain decided to continue its support of the Clinic when it donated several assorted medical drugs worth over $USD8,000.00(eight thousand United States dollars) to the Kinjor Community Clinic in Gola Konneh District Grand Cape Mount County.

 Donating on behalf of BMMC Senior Management, the Community Relations Media Assistant Otis Kamara and Human Resources Manager Oliver Gilpli disclosed that BMMC remains committed to sustaining a vibrant health delivery system in Kinjor and other host communities in the company.

Mr. Gilpli furthered that BMMC will continue to ensure that it fulfills its obligations and that Kinjor Town is taken care of.

  He admonished the citizens and residents of Kinjor always to seek dialogue whenever there are issues and concerns in the community.

Receiving the medical supplies from the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation management, the Officer in charge of the Kinjor Community Clinic, Nuah Leah, who spoke on behalf of the Grand Cape Mount County Health Team, expressed thanks to the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation Management for the donations and promised that the drugs received would be used for their intended purpose.

For their part, the Town Chief of Kinjor, Elder Zinnah Darblo, the RAP Chairman, Lasana Kenneh Sambolla, and the Youth Chairman, Winston Korsor, thanked BMMC for the donations and asked them to continue such an endeavor for the well-being of their citizens.

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