Ben Fofana’s bridge to be demolished

Margibi County Superintendent John Z. Buway has condemned a bridge constructed by Margibi District #4 Representative Ben Fofana in the county.

Superintendent Buway told journalists in the county that the Margibi County leadership has reached a conclusion to demolish the bridge in order to build a better one.

Speaking to local media in the county last week at the Administrative building in Kakata, he the decision to do away with the bridge is prompted by reports from the Ministry of Public Works Resident Engineer in the county and the county project consultant that due to poor condition of the bridge, it has to be completely removed to construct a better one that will adequately serve the people.

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Superintendent Buway said people from District #4had repeatedly complained that the bridge is not conducive for smooth movement, adding, that the bridge is causing many people to get hurt, damaging people’s vehicles and other properties and pedestrians falling off. 

The bridge n question is constructed on a stretch of road leading from the main highway adjacent the Barkolleh’s Clinic in Kakata into district#4. It was constructed by the office of Rep. Fofana in 2013 on a road that connects many communities in district.

The Superintendent said the Kakata city road rehabilitation has resumed and the bridge will be demolished and reconstructed.

Mr. Buway said he believes Rep. Fofana wanted to really help his people with road connectivity that’s why he built the bridge, but his capacity could not allow him to construct a more durable bridge than what it is.

In a traditional proverb he said in the absence of a hunting dog, Billy goat sometimes can be used.

Superintendent Buway added that there was no funding at the time for the county leadership to construct a bridge that would successfully serve the people so the lawmaker came in to improvise. 

He said it is now time to completely removed the Billy Goat and bring the hunting dog to do the real job.

“The road work regarding Kakata has resumed and if someone used a Billy Goat for hunting dog, it is about time for us to get it out and I think every lawmaker in Margibi is informed at this point in time for us to that. The La- Best Road, the bridge that is there is damaging people’s vehicles, is damaging people’s properties is even throwing down people and hurting people according to the information that I got”, Superintendent Zubah explained.

Representative Fofana reportedly constructed the bridge at an estimated cost of US$10,000, using students at the Booker Washington Institute or BWI in Kakata.

But the Margibi County District#4 Lawmaker has reacted to criticisms in the county that the bridge is not up to standard, saying, people should learn to be appreciative whenever some takes an initiative towards a good intention.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi

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