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Ben Teekloh Finally Resumes Training

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Lone Star’s international defensive lump Ben Teekloh, of Romanian delegation Astra Ploiesti has resumed training with the club. According to Teekloh, the club has designed a week-long gym training session for him to rebuild his right leg muscles after they went out of perfect running as a result of injuries sustained while serving as Captain for the National Team of Liberia against Angola on August 10th in Monrovia during a FIFA Day Match.

The international defensive midfielder received a communication from his club, stating it was going to take six months after the knee operation for him to resume club action, but Ben considered the fastness of African treatment and was granted permit from his Romanian club to receive treatment in Liberia. His decision to get treatment in Africa reduces the estimated six months his club pronounced months back.

“I am fine and happy to be back with my club and receiving fair treatment; I hope to get full fitness soon to join the title race and just wanna say thanks to all those who supported me during my stay in Liberia, including family and friends”, Teekloh noted.

They moved three steps on the table to 4th spot with 18 points collected from ten league matches and eight games left on the fixture to end the first phase.

Massely Spirited In Dutch 2nd Division

The Dutch 2nd division league fans are experiencing the brilliance and talents of the young Liberian soccer ability as he continues to push his club SV Huizen toward the promotional slot.

Forward Ama Masseley moved to Holland back on 2002 before the peak of the final rounds of hostilities in Liberia. By then he was 12 years during his departure that saw him landing at FC Weesp in the Dutch lower division.

During the youth international playing days in Liberia, he capped with Virginia FC in the 3rd Division and was a resident of the Banjoy God-Bless You Hill community.

While playing at FC Weesp, Ama was regarded as a potential player with huge potential to  perform  brilliantly  in the series and it did workout after he completed the transfer to SV Huizen after netting more than 21 goals for his former club.

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